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5 Photos With Endearing Backstories That’ll Put A Smile On Your Face

Sometimes, you see a photo on social media and it instantly makes you smile. It could brighten your whole day. That’s the power of a good photograph. Just in case you need to smile, we compiled five photographs that demonstrate humanity isn’t dead. We hope these make you smile!

Helping His Younger Sister

Even when you move away to study at college, you don’t stop caring for your younger siblings. This Reddit user proved this by sharing a photograph of his roommate. The roommate is using FaceTime to assist his younger sister with her math homework. Apparently, he helps her every week. That’s a good brother!


Her Bionic Arms

Imagine growing up without both arms. You learn to navigate the world with your disability. Tilly lost both of her arms as a baby. She grew up with her disability, but she finally received the gift of a lifetime: two bionic arms. Looking at the photograph, she is overjoyed at her new arms.


Admiring Her Hero

Young girls should admire influential women. They inspire them to chase for their dreams. For this little girl, that influencer is Michelle Obama. The young girl is staring, mouth gaping, at the former First Lady’s official portrait. Hopefully, she knows she can grow up to shoot for the stars.


Teaching Them Right

A teacher in South Carolina made everyone on social media smile when he started a “Gentlemen’s Club.” For young boys who don’t have a fatherly figure in their lives, he teaches the boys how to properly dress, shake hands, and make eye contact with others. He even buys dress shirts and ties for the boys. He deserves to be voted Teacher of the Year.


Just Like Everyone Else

President Barack Obama has proven multiple times that he’s just like everyone else. He even rides a subway train, though he looks cooler than most subway travelers. We just hope someone woke up the sleeping man on the subway, seen in the photograph. He would want to know he was sitting near Obama.


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