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These Photos Of A Luxurious Japanese Sleeper Train Have Us Wanting To Buy Tickets ASAP

Luxury travel usually makes people think of cruise ships or first class flights, but these luxury sleeper trains in Japan are about to make your list. There are only two of these trains still in existence, they only travel at night, and they can cost thousands of dollars to ride. What’s so special about these night trains?

Plenty Of Leg Room

The trains are like five-star hotels on wheels. There are luxurious lounges throughout the train, and some sections even have fireplaces and showers. Instead of being squished against someone in an uncomfortable row, each traveler has his or her own private carpeted area to spread out and relax by either sitting down or laying down.


Hotel On Wheels

These trains are for way more than getting from point A to point B. You can book tickets for a luxurious suite. Suites come with a full-sized bedroom and shower. Many even have windows so you can watch the scenic Japanese countryside as you travel. You’re sure to arrive to your destination feeling refreshed.

Japan Times

Michelin-Rated Meals

Guests on sleeper trains are treated to the best of everything! These trains have world-renowned chefs cooking gourmet meals, so your breakfast will certainly be a memorable one. There are also packaged meals like bento boxes, and some of the fanciest trains have exclusive French restaurants. No matter what you have a taste for, you can find it on a sleeper train.

Daily Mail

Save On Travel Time

These trains are perfect for travelers because they allow for more time exploring Japan. Sleeper trains depart from one station at 10 pm and arrived at the destination early the next morning. This allows travelers to see more of Japan without wasting a day of their trip traveling, and spending a night in a luxury train is certainly a plus.

The Jakarta Post

Tickets Are Hard To Come By

For a few reasons, riding on a Japanese sleeper train is one of the most exclusive experiences you can have in Japan. You cannot purchase tickets online. Tickets have to be purchased in Japan by either going to the train station or calling a number. Since there are only two night trains running, it’s often necessary to buy tickets up to 30 days in advance.

Kyodo News

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