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Photos Showing That The Office Can Be All Play And Little Work



Hippo Wallpaper Iamge

People don’t usually associate the nine-to-five office job with a barrel of laughs. The first few things that usually enter their minds are boring board meets, blinding fluorescent lights and of course, the jammed photocopier machine. We can all thank Office Space for that one. Droning moments aside, no day at the office is without its antics. Here are some hilarious examples of workplace humor.

1. Dinosaurs At The Desks

We’ve already seen Planet of The Apes, now behold a world where dinosaurs evolved into the planet’s superior species. Fooedl you! This isn’t a clip from an up coming film, this is an image from a Reddit user named theone1221 and it’s another perfect example of how funny office life can get. Who has time for a case of the Mondays when you can walk into the office and find all your coworkers dressed as tyrannosaurus rexs.

Trex at the office


How can anyone feel down about coming into work when they’re met with enthusiastic T-Rex answering phones and typing away on their keyboards? Perhaps the funniest thing about this picture is the sweaters hanging on the back of the seats. This can instantly conjure up image of these dinosaurs walking into work wearing tiny human sweaters.

2. Fun With A Desktop Image

Who would have thought that something as simple as a desktop image could bring about such comedic gold? None of us, until a Imgur user going by Paperkut posted this image. Alone it’s simply an adorable picture of a hippo mom and baby. If you stick an office worker behind the screen, it becomes something completely different. It looks like this proud hippopotamus is pushing her hybrid human/hippo baby out of the nest and into the workforce.

Hippo wallpaper in the office


Take note of the worker’s nervous expression. What hippo/human hybrid wouldn’t be distressed about being pushed out of an underwater paradise and into a badly lit office space. Long gone are the days grazing with mommy. Time to welcome in long work hours and bosses looking over your shoulder.

3. Rangers Falling On Hard Times

Reddit user Nectar Protector posted this image and gave us all an update on our favorite Power Rangers. Sadly, things aren’t looking that good for them. Anyone who watched the original Power Rangers series can recall the rangers’ command center being in some sort of deserted fortress. Looks like the rangers have ran into some financial woes since the 1990s.

Power Rangers in the office

Nectar Protector/Reddit

We can guess that the demand for heroes probably died down after they cleared the world of super villains week after week for so many years. With that, the whole operation looks to have been downsized and moved into some generic looking office building. Taking into consideration the absence of the pink ranger, it looks like they had to make a layoff. That had to be one awkward sit-down.

4. Definitely Not Debbie’s Food

Redditor JohnnyO posted this photo on Reddit and left us all wondering about who this fridge raider was. Whoever she might be, this woman apparently named Debbie somehow garnered up the reputation of being quite the lunch room thief. Before you jump to her defense, keep in mind that one doesn’t open the fridge to a heap of “Not Debbie’s” post it notes for accidentally taking a yogurt on a single occasion.  

Definitely not Debbie's food in the office


While one can’t agree with Debbie’s actions, we certainly can all relate. We’ve all opened that lunch room fridge to see that solitary yogurt on the side or left over pizza slice cooing our names. We’ve probably even looked over our shoulders and contemplated some tasty thievery. That’s right, there is a little bit of Debbie in all of us. 

5. Standing Desk or No Standing Desk, He Will Stand

Reddit user Tsaven posted this image and we couldn’t help but wonder about the back story. One thing is for sure, this guy really wanted a standing desk in the office and would go to great lengths to get one. His request was perhaps pushed aside with little regard one time too many. 

Making A Standing Desk


One day, it probably became apparent to him that he would never get the standing desk he was hoping for and that is when he knew that he had to take matters into his own hands. In what could have been a fit of innovative rage, the office worker removed a floor tile and stepped into the gaping hole in the office floor. Some may think that this is taking things too far, others might deem this absolute genius.

Sources: Boredpanda Imgur

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