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Photoshop Troll’s Latest Work Is Hilarious And Embarrassing For His Subjects

If you’ve been on the internet at all over the past few years, you’re probably familiar with the work of James Fridman. Even if that name doesn’t ring a bell, you’ve almost certainly seen (and laughed your head off at) his work. Fridman is a true Photoshop genius who will gladly take your requests. Just be careful what you wish for.

Two Direction


These guys asked to not be looking in the same direction, and that’s exactly what they got. Now they’re looking in every direction.

New Dress


This guy thought it would be cute to request that his girlfriend’s dress be longer. Fridman thought it would be better to just edit out the whole girlfriend all together and give this guy what he really wanted.

From Behind


She wanted it to look like she was about to be hit by something. He happily obliged. Not sure why you’d make such a request though.

An Awkward Romance


She asked him to make it look as though she wasn’t on the edge of the bench. She’s not anymore. But their intimate moment is just kind of awkward now.



Buddy here thought it would be brilliant to dab during what was intended to be a cute picture. Fridman helped a girl out by getting rid of him completely.



They got what they wanted. Now their boyfriend is living his best life. He’s part of the flock now. Be free, buddy. Be free.

Close Your Eyes


Ah yes, a totally candid romantic moment at Disneyland. If only she had closed her eyes. Thankfully, Fridman is here to save the day. Or photo.



It’s hard to tell why someone so young would ask to look younger. I have a feeling Fridman was thinking the same thing when he granted this request.

Ice Cream


This photo was unfortunately photobombed by some unsuspecting gentlemen’s head. When they asked to have it edited out, he did the best he could.

Holding Hands


I guess holding his buddy’s hand was a little too intimate for the photo so he went to Fridman looking for help. Fridman was happy to assist.

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