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Pics Of Awesome Dads That Will Make You Tear Up And Call Your Pops

Dads are great. They take care of us, make us laugh, and teach us how to be awesome adults. But every once in a while, a dad comes along who goes above and beyond — the kind of dad who deserves a “Father of the Year” award. Start scrolling to see some of these special guys.

Twinning Dad And Daughter

This little girl was born deaf, but when she got a cochlear implant to help her hear, this dad didn’t hesitate to get his own tattooed on in solidarity.

Huffington Post

This Innovative Dad

When you’re going to a Renaissance fair, you have to dress up. But this dad upped the ante with this amazing costume for his wheelchair-bound daughter.

College Humor

Pillow Dad

Being a dad means having a lot of sleepless nights, but when you’re this dad, it also means being the comfiest pillow your baby can find.

Bright Side

This Fashionable Dad

Accepting you kid for who he or she is can be tough — especially when your little one doesn’t fit society’s norms. But when this little boy showed a preference for wearing skirts, his dad not only accepted him, he started wearing them too!

Huffington Post

This Prettified Poppa

Whoever said that parenting won’t be pretty? When this little girl wanted to practice her make-up skills, this dad was happy to oblige.

Awesome Inventions

One Half Of This Humorous Couple

Giving birth is probably one of the hardest things a woman can do, but this dad knows how to lighten the mood! With parents like these two, this kid is sure to grow up with a great sense of humor!

Bright Side

Dancing Dad

Here’s the mark of one great father: when your daughters need another person to recreate Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” video, you throw on a leotard and start dancing!

Men’s Health

The… Other Dancing Dad

Ok, not every dad can cut a rug. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t trying! This dad is grooving at a concert with his son, and although the kid might think it’s a bit odd, we think he’s pretty cool.


The Observant Dad

Most parents think their baby is the cutest thing to ever grace planet Earth. Others have a more… realistic opinion. We bet this funny dad keeps his family in stitches all day long!


The Body-Positive Dad

It’s never too early to teach your kids to love themselves, and this dad certainly knows what he’s doing. Here he is showing his young son how to flex those muscles — and frankly, it’s just too cute!

Daily Star

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