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This Inspirational Plane Crash Survivor Blew Away The ‘America’s Got Talent’ Judges With Her Voice

When you’re faced with struggles, you can either let them destroy you or rebuild from the rubble. The latter is exactly what this brave plane crash survivor chose to do when she turned to music in her darkest moments. Now, she’s inspired millions on America’s Got Talent: The Champions with her remarkable recovery story and outstanding voice.

From Survivor To Singer

When Sosoliso Airlines Flight 1145 crashed on December 10, 2005, it stole 107 lives. Only two people survived, one of which was 16-year-old Kechi Okwuchi. Despite suffering burns across over 65% percent of her body, she miraculously survived the accident. Still, trying to live through the depression following the crash was difficult.

Losing many of her friends and having to undergo countless surgeries took a toll on Okwuchi’s mental health. However, something kept her going through the worst moments: music. As she recovered, she turned to singing to help restore her confidence and passion for life. Fortunately, she didn’t keep her gorgeous voice to herself.

Captivating The Country

After years of motivational speaking, Okwuchi decided to try to share her singing voice with even more people. Music had been her way to escape her struggles for years, and she longed to perform for crowds. In 2017, she took to the stage of America’s Got Talent to share her spectacular voice. The emotional performance that followed pulled on heartstrings across the nation.

A touching performance of “Thinking Out Loud” earned her plenty of praise from the judges. There wasn’t a dry eye in the theater! The most touching feedback came from Simon, who shared, “If you just believe in yourself a little bit more, there’s more than even you know that I think you’re capable of.” Although Okwuchi didn’t win that season, she took Simon’s words to heart… and crushed her return to the stage.

Earning Simon’s Highest Praise

Okwuchi was invited back for the 2019 America’s Got Talent: The Champions, where the best of each season competed for the title of America’s most talented person. Okwuchi gave a heavenly performance of “You Are The Reason” by Callum Scott, showing more pride in her abilities than ever before. All the judges were wiping away tears, yet it was Simon who smashed the golden buzzer in response to her first killer performance!

In her second round of performances, she delivered another emotional ballad: “Opportunity” from the Annie movie. Once again, she captivated the crowd with her vocals and message. Although she didn’t win the finals, she’d already transformed so many (and herself) through her voice. “Life can totally change in, like, a second,” she said, “and if you’re lucky, it can change for the better.”

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