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Plane Crash Survivor Reunites With Rescuer In Emotional Meeting 30 Years After Tragedy

Flying on planes can be scary. Many people are afraid of heights, and even more are fearful of flying. Despite the chances of a plane crash being slim to none with advances in technology, there can be unfortunate circumstances. While they are rare, they do occur, a brutal reminder for one man who was luckily saved from a crash 30 years ago.

The Fateful Day

Leslie Bloomer was traveling on a British Midland Boeing 737 when the plane he was flying aboard crashed along the M1 motorway while en route to Belfast on January 8, 1989. The crash took the lives of 47 people on board and injured many more.

The Things

The crash took place over the M1 motorway, shutting the highway down for hours. Luckily, no one driving along the freeway was injured. First responders worked tirelessly to save those trapped inside the plane; Bloomer was one of those people.

The Rescue

Police Sargent Bob Salter was one of those first responders attend ing to the victims of the crash. During an interview with Sky news, Salter provided details about his experience at the crash site. “It was still on fire when myself and another officer climbed onto the wing, took the exit door out, and the first person I saw was Leslie here.”


For 30 years following the crash, the two men didn’t see each other again. That changed on January 8, 2019 when when Salter and Bloomer were reunited by chance following separate interviews with Sky News while attending an annual memorial marking the tragedy. Hundreds gathered to mark the somber event.

A Reunion Thirty Years In The Making

When Salter and Bloomer reunited, it brought about a whole host of emotions between the two of them. Salter described the experience, stating, “Today was very emotional, meeting him. It feels as though we’ve been friends for 30 years.”

Sky News

In light of the horrible tragedy that occurred that day a friendship was born between the savior and the saved. For Salter and Bloomer, the meeting between them was a helpful reminder that friends can be born from anywhere. “It’s been amazing to come over here to see the service and the highlight was meeting Bob – he recognised me immediately as soon as I came into the hall,” Bloomer said. The two agreed to keep in touch following the memorial.

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