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Airline Says Its Latest Plane Will Cure Your Jet Lag

Qatar Airways has developed a new airplane, the A350-1000, which was designed to combat jet lag for passengers who travel across time zones and to make long flight travel more comfortable.

Causes Of Jet Lag

People have an internal clock running on 24-hour cycles called circadian rhythms. When those rhythms are interrupted by traveling through multiple time zones, our bodies are thrown out of whack, which causes fatigue.

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Our bodies want to stick to the 24-hour cycle they’re used to, but when we jump to a new time zone’s 24 hour period, we’re tired at the wrong times and it takes a few days for our bodies to catch up.

A Handful Of Other Problems

Traveling in the air causes other problems for our bodies, similar to the effects of jet lag. Since we’re traveling at high altitudes, airlines keep cabin pressure at 8,000 feet, so travelers can breathe. The issue is even at 8,000 feet, acute mountain sickness (AMS) can kick in, leaving our heart and lungs to work harder to make the most of the oxygen our bodies are getting. AMS causes headaches, fatigue, stomach issues, dizziness and problems sleeping.


The A350-1000 from Qatar Airways keeps its cabin pressure at a low 6,000 feet, easing the pressure on its passenger’s bodies.

A New Way To Fight Jet Lag

In addition to the lower cabin pressure, Qatar provides millions of ambient anti-jet lag LED lights that lessen flying’s effect on our circadian rhythms. For passengers who want to rest on the flight, there are twin beds, giving them the opportunity to adjust their 24-hour cycles before arriving at their destination.


Along with the lower cabin pressure, the air is easier to breathe in the A350-1000 due to the hospital-grade filter system which recycles the air in the cabin every 2 to 3 minutes. This makes the strain on your heart and lungs less because more oxygen is available for your body to cycle. If you have to travel a long distance, Qatar’s state-of-the-art plane sounds like it’s the way to fly!

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