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Plant-Sitting Mom Makes Her Desire For Grandchildren Hilariously Clear With Succulent Staging

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Moms: You can’t live with them and we wouldn’t be alive without them. Regan Speyer (@ReganSpeyer on Twitter) was traveling when she asked her mother to stop by her house and open the blinds. Regan has a lot of plants and she wanted to make sure they got enough sunlight while she was away. Her mother got sunlight to the plants and she sent Regan picture after picture of her day being a “grandplantrent.” When Regan posted her heartwarming story on Twitter and the Internet fell in love. 

When A Mother Plant Sits

Throughout the day, Regan’s mom took the plants to the park. She even pushed them down the slide, and put a bandaid in the soil of one of the plants after it “got a boo boo”.


She pushed the plants in a stroller, and she read stories to them. Regan was bombarded with pictures of the adventures her mother had with the plants. To top it all off, the mother sent a text that says “I love being a grandplantrent!” followed by a heart emoji.

Regan’s Not Alone

In case you didn’t detect the sarcasm, these zany adventures with the plants were just Regan’s mom’s latest way to drop a not so subtle hint that she really, really wants grandchildren. Regan posted all of the evidence of her mother’s absurdity on Twitter, and hundreds of thousands of people reacted to it.


Some things go viral because they are shocking, amazing, or outrageous, but other posts go viral because they are just plain relatable. Adults of all ages weighed in on Regan’s plight with anecdotes of the hilarious ways their own parents have pleaded for grandchildren.

Way Too Relatable

Needless to say, Regan got way more than she bargained for when she only asked her mother to open the blinds. Although she has less than 300 followers, she got more than half a million likes, comments, and retweets on her post about her mother.


There’s no doubt about it. If Regan ever has children, her mom will be over the moon. No pressure, Regan!

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