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Watch This Playful Seal Pup Love On A Snorkeler

There’s a reason so many people spend hours watching cuddly videos of puppies — they’re the cutest! But what happens when you come face to face with a seal pup? Watch cuteness pushed to the max in this funny video.

How Did This Happen?

Off the coast of Argentina, one diver was snorkeling in Puerto Madryn, no doubt trying to get a closer look at the bountiful sea life.


The main attraction of this seaside town is its regular visitor: the Southern right whale. Besides being able to spot these magnificent creatures from the shore, locals and visitors alike can stroll down the beach to see the many penguins and elephant seals that reside there. Or you can venture into the water for more adventure, like this guy!

But, Wasn’t It Dangerous?

Because of shows like Planet Earth, we know that seals can be quite aggressive on land. When necessary, they can shed their adorable demeanor and fiercely defend their territory against other sea creatures.


But don’t worry: in the water, they’re typically friendly and docile, showing off their fun-loving personalities, as seen in the below video.

Now, For The Main Event

This guy’s snorkel didn’t scare off the seal pup, who jovially swam over to romp around with his new friend. You can watch as the sweet seal plants a few kisses right on the diver’s mouth before taking an endearing little nibble on his goggles. He then engages with the camera via headbutt before frolicking over to the other divers and giving them some love, too.


The seal and all his sea pals are fascinated with their land-loving guests, joyfully swimming back and forth, granting a hug here and there. Are you jealous yet? Because we sure are!

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