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Police Dog Befuddled By Winter Boots Is Arrestingly Adorable

When a canine member of the police department needs to suit up to fight crime in the wintertime, outfitting an officer’s paws with booties is the only solution. Jary has a good sense of humor and is a proud member of the Rapid City South Dakota Police Department. When it was time for Jary to try on his new shoes, no one expected Jary’s reaction.

A Lighthearted And Loyal Partner

Jary is a member of the Rapid City South Dakota Police Department’s K-9 unit. The 5-year-old Belgian Malinois has been on the force since 2016, and is always ready to meet new people, and share his positive energy with fellow officers.


Senior Officer Hower is both Jary’s handler and caretaker, and the two are inseparable when on the case. South Dakota winters can be pretty chilly, so Officer Hower gifted his crime-fighting partner with some protective gear.

Prepared To Take Paws

No one at the police department could guess how Jary would react to his new shoes, mainly because he worked au natural. Another handler for the K-9 unit captured all the action via smartphone. Most dogs, no matter how amicable and agreeable, can get a little testy about wearing booties

The Animal Rescue Site

Jary was no exemption to the rule, as he had the officers breaking out in laughter over his awkward movements. It was clear that Jary was struggling to get his bearings with his new booties, but a quick game of fetch helped Jary get the hang of things.

Canine With A Cult Of Personality

Senior Officer Hower thought he’d share Jary’s adventures with family and friends, but the police department posted the K-9 unit member’s shining moment on its official Facebook page. Jary went viral, with over 6 million views in less than a week.

Rapid City Police Department

The video received overwhelmingly positive responses and comments. Despite Jary’s newfound Internet-famous status, it hasn’t interfered with his dedication to police work or relaxing at home with Officer Hower when he’s off the clock.

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