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This Police Dog Can Perform a Special Skill Which Has the Internet Going Wild

Police dogs are trained to do all sorts of important tasks in the field, but one dog has a skill you won’t believe: CPR. Pancho from the Madrid Police Department has the ability to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation on his human partner.

Police Dogs Are Essential

K9s are taught to track criminals, sniff out illegal materials, and search buildings and cars. They do jobs human police officers can’t due to their natural abilities (like a killer sense of smell) and size.

Policia de Madrid

The police department took this training a step further, adding life-saving CPR to the list. If you’re on the field and your partner is a dog, it only makes sense he should have this particular skill.

Saving Lives In A New Way

Ever since dogs were brought on to join the police force, humans have been trained on how to care for their animal. Not only are they shown how to command their K9, they’re taught how to perform CPR on their puppy partner by animal experts.


The officers figured since human police officers are taught to save their dog’s life, there’s no reason the dogs can’t be trained to save their human’s life.

This Dog Returns The Favor

Dogs are loyal and intelligent creatures, so when CPR training was started on Pancho, he took to it right away. Pancho was taught that if his partner collapses, he is to rush over and check his breathing. If the officer isn’t breathing, he pounces on his chest, stopping only to check to see if the officer is breathing again.


When the Madrid Police Department held a demonstration of Pancho’s new learned skill, the crowd was amazed. They cheered on Pancho as he fought to save his partner’s life. He continued pouncing and checking until the officer came to and praised his partner for saving his life. There’s a good boy!

Check out the impressive demonstration in this video.

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