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Clever Police K-9 Trained To Open And Close Patrol Car Door Goes Viral

Everyone loves a good dog story on the internet. Youtube and sites like it are home to millions of videos showing animals of all types, shapes, and sizes doing incredible things on camera. None of them, more so, then one German Shepard, whose video went viral for the best reason.

One Well Trained Dog

German Shepherds are a wonderful breed of Animal. While they do make good house pets, they are most commonly known for their natural training ability, and loyalty to their owners.


It’s no wonder militaries, and police forces around the world chose them to be their furry partners. With the ability to train almost any task and remain vigilant to the world of crime, it would seem there is nothing these shepherds cannot do.

Amazingly Well Behaved

Recently, a video posted to YouTube shows just how well German Shepards can be trained. In the video, we see a police officer, his canine companion, and a police car in the distance. With a simple point of his finger, the dog takes off to the car. No command required.

German Shepherd Shop

Once at the back door of the police cruiser, the police dog grips the door with his mouth and opens it up all by himself. A skill amazing enough for someone with no hands, the dog then surprises everyone by closing the door behind him. The applause of his owners soon to follow.

Loyal Through And Through

Among the breeds of loyal dogs, German Shepherds rank highest with Labradors, Border Collies, the Golden retrievers. In research conducted by the American Psychological Association, canines hold the brain capacity of a two-year-old to two and a half-year-old child.


Not only are these canines very smart, but they have a level of proficiency in achieving goals and getting the things they want. Think about that next time your dog comes begging for a treat!

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