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Police Leave A Hilariously Sassy Note For A Careless Parking Job And The Internet Is Here For It

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Knowing how to park a vehicle properly shouldn’t be rocket science. In Southlake, Texas, one motorist caught the attention of local law enforcement for their wayward parking job. Some drivers are reckless when parking in narrow parking spaces or near handicap-only parking. Members of the Southlake Department of Public Safety had a smart way to show drivers “how not to mess with Texas” with a witty note. When the letter left on the driver’s windshield made its debut on the Internet, it was a viral sensation.

Stay In Line

Most citizens try to do their best to uphold the law, but sometimes they could use a nudge to stay in their lane. Mishaps in a parking lot are a common occurrence; some trailblazers are bold enough to create a custom parking spot, lines be damned. Instead of giving drivers a ticket for being a nuisance or inconsiderate, police departments are getting clever.

Sometimes the threat of a citation or ticket isn’t enough to steer motorists in the right direction. When all else fails, the power of humor can work wonders. After a truck was discovered straying over the lines of a handicap-only parking space, it was time for Southlake, Texas police to jump into action.

A Sassy Solution

Using the power of social media and a Facebook page, police departments can keep citizens updated about their community. Working as a police officer isn’t always filled with crazy car chases or catching bad guys. When citizens fall short of upholding established laws, the police will step in and assist in the name of public safety. As a creative way to teach a valuable lesson, Southlake police left a coloring sheet on the windshield of a truck. “We noticed you had a little trouble staying in the lines when you parked next to a handicapped space…” the flier read.

The motorist was encouraged to practice keeping within established boundaries by practicing coloring in a police badge. After leaving the cheeky reminder to be a kinder and more responsible driver, the police posted pics of their handiwork online Facebook. Quickly, images of the hilarious note caught the attention of local news and social media outlets like Reddit and Twitter too. The Southlake Department of Public Safety hoped that the attention-grabbing note would be enough warning to others. The flier was given in an effort for drivers to “be kind, drive kind and park kind!”

Chain Reaction

Online Reddit, the funny flier received over 1.7k comments and 71.8k likes. Users like 1ForTheMonty responded, “Saving this and putting it on a coworker’s car. Thanks!” Another user, ddmeegs, had this to say, “Thought this had to be fake at first until saw I Southlake on the shield.” User RedSquirrelFtw left a gem of a comment, “Would be hilarious if there were a crayon taped to it. It would probably melt in the Texas heat though.” Even though some drivers would be thrilled to get a coloring page instead of a parking ticket, the Southlake DPS probably wouldn’t let things get that far.

Online the Twitter account for Southlake Department of Public Safety, the flier received 40 likes, 12 retweets, and four comments. Major news outlets like ABC, Fox News, and NBC had a good time sharing the infamous prank flier. There’s no word as to whether the driver used crayons and colored pencils to practice staying inside the lines, but at least they evaded a pricey ticket. The Southlake Department of Public Safety provides police, fire, EMS, and other emergency services in Texas. Despite the rigors of the job, it’s nice to see that members of law enforcement still value a good laugh.

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