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Police Officer Wins Hearts Playing Dolls To Keep Kids Calm During Suspected Gas Leak

On Valentine’s Day, there was quite a commotion in the Mecklenburg Manor apartment complex. Multiple neighbors reported gasoline fumes in the air, so first responders rushed to the scene. Before the end of the day, one of the police officers who went to the scene went viral for playing dolls with two of the neighborhood girls.

A False Alarm

Authorities were afraid there was a gas leak, so they wasted no time getting to the apartment complex. Firefighters investigated the fumes, and it was declared a false alarm. In South Hill, Virginia, the police are also sent to investigate when there is a potential fire.

Officer Fleming was one of the policemen who came to the complex. Even if he hadn’t worn his badge, everyone would have known his name. For all of the right reasons, he was a familiar face in the neighborhood.

Playing On The Job

Officer Fleming noticed that there were two young girls outside during all of the commotion. They were visibly shaken, and “false alarm” doesn’t hold the same weight with children as it does with adults. Officer Fleming didn’t want them feeling scared.

He wanted to reassure them that everything was okay. Rather than just explaining the situation to them, he decided to get down on their level. He laid on the ground and played with their dolls.

A Picture Perfect Moment

Soon, the giggling little girls forgot all about firetrucks and gas leaks. The fun-loving police officer was keeping them entertained. He was also teaching them an important lesson. Officer Fleming says it’s his goal to make people feel good.

He tries to make all of his interactions with children positive because he wants them to feel comfortable approaching a police officer if they need help. The entire interaction was captured for Facebook by Iesha Roper-Boswell, the appreciative mother of one of the little girls. And the Internet was equally as admiring.

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