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Police Officer Rescues Chihuahua Puppy Left In Car On Scorching Day, Then Adopts The Pooch

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Every dog has his day. After enduring a deadly situation in which he was locked in a hot car, one pooch found that fortune smiled on him. It might be unthinkable to leave a defenseless animal alone in a vehicle on a sweltering day, but it happens. Thanks to the quick actions of Kansas City police officer, Jeff O’Rear, one Chihuahua puppy is lucky to be alive. No matter how hardy an animal may appear, enough time spent locked inside a hot car can be fatal.

Panting And Perspiration

It happens more often than some people might think. An owner figures it is perfectly fine to abandon an animal or minor child in a vehicle for a short stint. Unfortunately, the nature of the greenhouse effect can cause a parked car on a hot day to transform into a death trap. In the vicinity of a Kansas City, Missouri shopping center, a five-month-old Chihuahua awaited their owners inside a car.

The young pup was left alone inside their owner’s vehicle for nearly two whole hours. When Officer Jeff O’Rear rescued the canine, the poor Chihuahua’s internal temperature reached over 100 degrees. Luckily for the parched pooch, a passerby had made an urgent call to local authorities. The day that the puppy was discovered in the car, the heat index had peaked to 110 degrees.

Dog Down For The Count

When officers arrived at the car in question, they were in for a tragic scene. The little Chihuahua was laying on his back inside his crate; all four legs pointed toward the sky. It appeared to be a grim situation for the passed out pup, but the dog was rushed to a nearby pet store. Finally, free of his informal prison, the poor puppy was successfully revived. The puppy’s internal temperature managed to reach 107 degrees, but the dog managed to survive the ordeal.

Once found, the owners of the puppy were charged with animal cruelty and had their rights to the animal revoked. Little did the five-month-old pup realize, he was going to be rescued for a second time. Officer Jeff O’Rear didn’t forget one of the most vulnerable creatures he encountered on the job. During his 18 years working as a police officer, O’Rear had never witnessed such callousness from a pet owner. The officer never stopped thinking about the fate of the puppy he pulled from that hot car.

Saved By Grace

Officer Jeff O’Rear had special plans for the rescued Chihuahua and two daughters who would love a new furry family member. Jeff’s reasoning was perfectly sound after the pooch in need emotionally touched him. He stated, “I want to make sure that he lives pretty much a life of a king the rest of his life because of what he went through.” It was nothing short of a miracle that someone reported the dog in distress and that he recovered from what could have been fatal heatstroke. Dogs are usually such loyal and trusting animals. For Officer O’Rear, it was disheartening to encounter an at-risk canine due to human neglect.

When the police officer realized he could be an angel to a canine in need of a loving home and a new life, he didn’t hesitate to step up to the plate. Not only did Officer O’Rear bring joy to his daughters and family by adopting the Chihuahua puppy, but he also saved an animal’s life more than once. It is never a wise decision to leave an animal alone in a locked, hot car at any time. It doesn’t take long for an animal’s core temperature to rise to dangerous levels, which can lead to their untimely passing away.

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