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Police Officer Restores Faith In Humanity By Mowing Woman’s Lawn

Some heroes don’t wear capes. Instead, they wear police uniforms. Just ask this woman, who was unexpectedly helped by a policeman while she was trying to mow her front yard while carrying a baby. It was the best kind of surprise and act of kindness one could receive.

A Life Of Service

Police officers join the force to serve and protect, and this includes a cop who had one mission close to his heart: to be kind to everyone, especially those in need of help. He wouldn’t stop for anything to help someone, even if it’s when he’s driving home from work.

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He spotted a woman trying to mow her front yard while struggling with a baby still strapped to her chest. Without a second thought, he turned around and went to help her. Luckily for the woman, it was just the kind of help she needed.

Raising Three Young Kids

Rachel recently gave birth to her third child. It’s not easy to raise young children. But it was especially difficult for Rachel, whose husband, Ryan, had returned to work. The couple devoted their lives—both separate and together—to serving and helping others.

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But they didn’t expect they would one day need help from someone else, especially a policeman.

Random Act Of Kindness

When Rachel was attempting, but failing, to mow the front yard while carrying her newborn child, Madison (Alabama) County Sheriff spotted her. She was tired and weak, stumbling in the yard. That’s when he knew he had to help.

He approached her and asked if she was okay. Rachel was quick to say that she needed to sit down. The officer couldn’t stand to watch her suffering, so he took control of the lawn mower and finished the job.


Rachel was confused at first, but then deeply touched by the officer’s random act of kindness. She thanked him with a free glass of lemonade. It’s not much of a thank you, but it was enough for the officer.

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