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Caring Police Officer Saves Couple’s Wedding Day, Drives Them To Ceremony After Car Crash

There are very few days in one’s life more stressful than their wedding day. The planning, the preparations, making sure everyone is happy. The last thing a would-be bride and groom would need on their special day is the hassle of a car accident to slow them down.

Near Disaster

Joseph DeMichele and his fiance, Feliece Terwillinger, had big plans to get married when they were involved in a minor car crash on Montauk Highway. Although no one was hurt in the collision, their car was disabled, preventing them from arriving at their wedding on time.


Arriving on scene, officer Cody Matthews had no idea he would be responding to the bride and groom when he took the call. Upon discovering the two were set to get married alongside their two children, Gianna and Jayden, he made a decision that would not be forgotten.

A Helping Hand

Realizing that the couple would not make it to their wedding on time, Matthews offered to drive the couple and their children to their wedding ceremony at the town hall in the Village of Lake Grove. A gesture reciprocated by the couple by having Matthews sign as a witness to their marriage and attend the ceremony.

The Monastery

Once on scene, the wedding went without a hitch. Joseph and Feliece said ‘I do’ in the company of their children and Officer Matthews, who single-handedly helped make their marriage possible.

Amazing Appreciation

The story of officer Matthews selfless act made it to Suffix Country Police Departments Facebook page, where the story was posted. “The Suffolk County Police Department commends Officer Matthews on a job well done.” The page comments on the event.

Fox News

“We also wish to extend our heartfelt congratulations to Feliece & Joseph, as well as Gianna and Jayden,” the story concludes. What could have been a day ruined by unforeseen events quickly became a day to remember for both the newlywed couple and the amazing officer who helped make their dreams come true.

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