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Police Officers Make a Beautiful Gesture For Boy Undergoing Brain Surgery

A nine-year-old in Georgia and his family faced an uncertain future. The poor boy was in a major health crisis, and no one knew how it would turn out. However, thanks to community police officers and their K-9s, the boy and his family received a beautiful display of encouragement and love!

Dangerous Journey Ahead

Jalen Manns started developing health issues at the age of seven. It started with bad headaches, which doctors attributed to stress. Then came night terrors, anxiety, and insomnia. Jalen’s mom, Hannah Manns, knew that something was terribly wrong with her son… even if doctors couldn’t see it.

Facebook / Team Jalen

After Hannah pushed doctors for an MRI, it was discovered that Jalen had a brain tumor. And, because of the position of the brain tumor, it would be extremely dangerous to remove. However, this mom refused to take the news lying down and prepared for his surgery.

A Fighting Mom

To help raise money for the risky surgery, Hannah created a GoFundMe page to raise money. She vulnerably shared Jalen’s heartbreaking story and diagnosis. Jalen’s page soon began to get a lot of attention. Not only were funds raised for Jalen’s surgery, but people also sent stuffed animals and well wishes.

Facebook / Hannah Manns

Police officers from the Warner Robins Police Department also noticed the page. So they decided to do something extremely special for Jalen and his family. Something that they would never forget!

A Well-Needed Prayer

The officers, along with some of their K-9s, gathered at Jalen’s house on the morning of his surgery. Jalen got more gifts and the chance to meet each of the officers and the dogs. But what the officers did next was unbelievably touching.

Facebook / Team Jalen

Officer Jason Lamberth led his fellow officers and K-9s in a special prayer for Jalen. “Lord heavenly father, we just come to you now, Lord God, asking for your words of encouragement and strength today,” the officer shared. After his touching prayer, the police escorted Jalen and his family to the hospital, where Jalen had a successful surgery.

Watch the beautiful prayer below!

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