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Police Officers Lip-Sync To Backstreet Boys In Viral Music Video

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It is always nice to see police officers have fun. They have a stressful, dangerous job, and they have to be tough. However, they sometimes decide to show their light-hearted side. That’s what happened in September 2018 when a group of police officers in Saskatoon, Canada, joined a lip-syncing contest. What did they sing? Everyone’s favorite ‘90s boy band, the Backstreet Boys! Of course, the hilarious video went viral on social media.

Backstreet’s Back, Alright!

Who doesn’t love the Backstreet Boys? The iconic ‘90s boy band had many hit songs, including “Everybody,” “As Long as You Love Me,” “Larger Than Life,” and, of course, “I Want It That Way.” The boy band will always be recognized for “I Want It That Way.” Most of us probably know the words to the 1999 classic song by heart.

Over 20 years later, the Backstreet Boys are still making a buzz. They’re performing in sold-out tours across the globe. They’re releasing new music. They are not “has-been” artists. Instead, they’re still making women of all ages swoon with their music, synchronized dancing, and heartwarming love for each other and their fans.

Don’t be ashamed to admit that you love the Backstreet Boys. We’re right there with you. Once you’re a fan of the group, you’re a fan for life.

An Elaborate Music Video

Whenever members of the Backstreet Boys record a special video, it instantly goes viral. This time, it’s another group that is stealing the spotlight. A group of police officers in Saskatoon, Canada, sarcastically lip-synced and performed to the boy band’s hit song “I Want It That Way.”

But this wasn’t just an ordinary video. Instead, it was an elaborate music video. It starts with five police officers standing in a line-up. One by one, they sing a portion of the song’s catchy, memorable chorus. Later, the video switches to a full-on music video.

The police officers volunteered their time to participate in the hilarious video. They went all out for the video, as well. They filmed at various locations, and they practiced their dancing and lip-syncing to make sure it was as convincing as possible. Even one of the police department’s K-9 officers joined in on the fun.

The music video ended in an epic finale with a collection of officers dressed as superheroes, a smoke machine, flashing lights, and they even brought in SWAT officers. An officer bursts out of the top of an armored vehicle while lip-syncing to the addictive song. Everyone can agree that the police officers nailed this lip-syncing performance.

Going Viral

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the music video went viral on YouTube. People love the Backstreet Boys, but they also love to see police officers have fun. The video has over 500,000 views. YouTube users were impressed with the fun video, and they weren’t afraid to share their comments.

One user (Sunny Foy) posted, “No matter what profession we get into, we are all human. You guys are the best.” Another user (Adan Lopez) commented, “Thank you for showing us your human side.” In a similar comment, user Arva Gt said, “This video will change how people see police officers.”

Perhaps that was the intention of the fun music video in the first place: to demonstrate the humanity behind police officers. They are presented and portrayed as tough, serious men and women. While they have to be serious and disciplinary for their job, at the end of the day, they are just like the rest of us. They love to dance and sing. They find it fun to sing along to the Backstreet Boys. They’re people, and it’s nice to see police officers with a sense of humor.

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