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Police Respond To 92-Year-Old Veteran’s Call About Reported Burglary And End Up Saving Him From Another Dangerous Situation

Louis C. Hicks has spent most of his life helping others. He selflessly served in the armed forces during World War II. When he re-entered civilian life, he continued serving as the primary caregiver for his two orphaned sisters. At the ripe old age of 92-years-old, things were about to change for Mr. Hicks.

A Troubling Crime

One morning, Louis Hicks noticed that some expensive power tools had been stolen from his garage. Although he doubted that he would ever see his tools again, he filed a police report. To his surprise, the police came to his home to investigate the crime.

Hicks figured that the investigation would stay outside where the tools had been stolen from, but Officer Chastity Salazar wanted to look for clues inside his home. He was embarrassed to let her in, but he did anyway.

Locating Another Problem

Officer Salazar noticed a distinct smell inside Hicks home. It was gasoline! During the historically cold winter, the only heater that Hicks owned broke down. To keep himself warm, he chose the dangerous last result of leaving the burners of his gas stove turned on all day.

Officer Salazar didn’t say anything about the potential fire hazard. She told Mr. Hicks to have a good day and assured him that the Austin Police Department would work hard to find his tools.

A Heartwarming Solution

Office Salazar knew she had to do something for Mr. Hicks. She rounded up help from her local police department and several charitable organization ran by fellow officers. Members of the Austin community donated a heater, clothing, and everything else that the humble veteran was lacking.

Mr. Hicks was moved to tears, and he said that he greatly appreciated all the help he had been given. An unfortunate crime led to relief for Mr. Hicks.

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