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Police Reunite Lost Siberian Husky With Owner Thanks To His Favorite Song

Dogs and their owners form strong bonds that can’t be broken. They’re best friends, but occasionally a dog runs away from home. The owner tries his best to locate his friend, but it doesn’t always work. That’s not the case for this pet owner, who lost his Siberian Husky for a few days. Luckily, he was reunited with his friend, but he had to use music to convince authorities the dog belonged to him.

A Vocal Dog

Siberian Huskies are very vocal dogs. They don’t just bark, but they can howl and “sing” along to popular music. The dogs were originally bred to pull sleds and live in packs. They would “howl” to communicate over the harsh winter winds.

This unique trait allowed one Husky to be reunited with his owner after being lost for several days. A group of teenagers found a stray Husky in an open field outside Beersheba, Israel. The dog was extremely malnourished and weak, having not eaten for multiple days. The teenagers knew the dog needed immediate help.

Taking Him To Safety

The teenagers led the Husky to the Israeli police, who gave the dog first aid. Authorities quickly realized the dog matched the description of a Husky who had been reported missing in the same city. They notified his potential owner, who arrived to be reunited with his best friend.

But it wasn’t that easy. Authorities needed proof that the Husky truly belonged to the alleged owner. The man thought of the perfect way to confirm the dog’s identity—by playing his favorite song.

Singing Along To His Favorite Song

The owner began playing a recording of the theme song to the dog’s favorite television show, Shemesh. The Husky perked up his ears upon hearing the familiar music and, without a doubt, began howling and “singing” along. Authorities quickly realized the Husky belonged to his rightful owner.

The owner was happy to be reunited with his faithful friend. The two returned home, where they’ll certainly continue to listen and sing along to their favorite music.

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