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Police Officer ‘Arrests’ Baby Sea Lion Stopping Freeway Traffic For The Most Wholesome Reason

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What would you do if you spotted a lost little sea lion on the freeway? Most people would scratch their heads in wonder, and Officer Roger Pereira was no exception. It was his job to save a sea lion pup that had wandered into oncoming traffic on the US-101 Freeway near San Francisco, California. Find out why a police officer “arrested” a sea lion for stopping traffic.

Fish Out Of Water

It was a busy Tuesday morning when Officer Roger Pereira received the call of a lifetime. He was shocked when he was asked to help remove a sea lion from the freeway. Thinking he was getting punked, he reported to The Dodo that “I was skeptical there would be an actual sea lion on the freeway. Upon arrival to the scene, sure enough, there was a baby sea lion on the freeway.”

The officer was astonished when he saw that the sea lion had actually wandered onto the thoroughfare. With traffic at a standstill, he observed that there were several animal lovers protecting the 10-month-old sea creature from harm. He reported that “They were standing next to it making sure it did not walk into the lanes of traffic. I was in shock and could not believe my eyes that I was actually looking at a sea lion on such a busy freeway.”

Seas The Day

Weighing a mere 30 pounds, the curious sea lion had gotten itself into a sticky situation. Oblivious to the noisy sounds of people and cars, it took the time to “seas the day.” According to Pereira, the marine mammal was in a serene state of bliss for the entire episode. He shared that: “Even with all the loud noise of vehicles passing by and all the people around him, the sea lion was very calm and curious about what was going on.”

It was at that point that Pereira did what he does best. He decided that he had no choice but to arrest the confused animal for its own safety. Parking his squad car near the sea lion’s side, he gingerly opened the door to his backseat. The sea lion was happy to ride in the patrol vehicle and instantly hopped inside. Pereira recalled, “The moment the door opened, the sea lion jumped right into the back seat of the patrol vehicle, without needing any type of motivation.” What a good sport!

Sink Or Swim

Thankfully, the sea lion’s arrest wasn’t too traumatizing. Unlike so many other criminals, it really enjoyed its ride in the back of the cop car. Pereira was impressed by the good-natured sea lion, and he stated that, “The sea lion loved the car ride. It did not make any noises or make any erratic movements in the back of the patrol vehicle. The sea lion was very well-behaved.” Kudos to you, young pup!

The police officer eventually delivered the sea lion to the Peninsula Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Lucky to escape without a ticket, the animal was then shipped to the Marine Mammal Rescue Center. Fortunately, it was given a clean bill of health, only suffering from minor malnutrition and a small scratch on his flipper.

Needless to say, the Internet has gone crazy over this story. When Twitter user @amyhollyfield reposted a video of the sea lion’s arrest, it received over 200 likes and 50 shares!

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