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Five Powerful Photos That Show Kindness Isn’t Dead In This World

In a world where all we tend to see and hear is negativity, it’s always nice to see the positive things people are doing to help each other. Yes, random acts of kindness do still exist! It’s clear with these amazing photos showcasing people helping out their fellow man.

A Welcoming Pizzeria On Thanksgiving

Like most businesses, Bada Bing Pizzeria planned to close on Thanksgiving Day. The owners still planned to have a special dinner for employees, family, and friends. However, they extended the invite to those in need during the holiday season. Anyone who was hungry could come and eat, even if they didn’t have any money. What a blessing!

Pikabu / Tachila

A Handcrafted Seat

An old woman regularly visited a grocery store and always headed straight for the books section. She had been going there for years just to read—for 15 years to be exact. To her surprise, one day, she found a special orange chair in the section that had been made just for her. Now she can comfortably sit and read.

Facebook / Crocodiles Hamburg

A Loyal Hockey Fan

Seventy-five-year-old Karin Behrendt was a huge fan of the Hamburg Crocodiles, a hockey team in Germany. She had been severely ill and was unable to see them in recent years. Sadly, it looked like she didn’t have too much longer to live. Karin had one final big wish: to see her Crocodiles live in action again. The team happily brought her in as a VIP for one last game.

Twitter / Afroz Shah

Beach Cleanup

Many people in India came together to clean over five tons of trash from a local beach. Environmental organizer Afroz Shah led the pack. The effort took quite a long time, but it was finally finished. Now citizens have another nice beach to enjoy and animals are able to live in a cleaner environment.

Twitter / Afroz Shah

Paid In Full

A man was having his birthday lunch with his wife and baby. When it came time to pay for the check, he was shocked to find that another random person paid for their meal. The anonymous person didn’t even know that it was a birthday celebration. “It’s people like this that makes me still have faith in humans. Thanks, anonymous nice person!” the man was quoted as saying.

Imgur / Luffy52

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