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Guy Pranks Social Media Scammers In Hilarious Way

Have you ever received a direct message on social media from someone who is trying to flirt with you? If you haven’t, consider yourself lucky, unlike this man. He receives messages from women who say they want to date him, but are they real? He decides to have some fun with them, resulting in hilarious messages.

Social Media King

KT Nelson is known on social media for tweeting jokes and sharing his political views. He devotes time to building his social media platform, which has made him susceptible to various scams. He receives direct messages from women who attempt to flirt with him. Does he flirt back? Yes, but in his own special way.

Suspicious Direct Messages

Nelson receives direct messages on a routine basis from supposedly single women who are asking for love. Being the hilarious prankster that he is, he decides to flirt back, making the women believe he is interested in dating them. However, the women are interested in more than just Nelson’s companionship…

Send Me Money

After the initial flirting, the women began asking Nelson for money. One message said, “Go to bank and send it through western union. But you will need to go to store and get me iTunes card $300 to get some stuffs.”

Nelson said he would, as long as she would send him money to unlock his account. He knows how to play this game. Did the scammer like his response? No, she stopped talking to him.

Pranking The Scammers

Another woman messaged Nelson, explaining that she could be his girlfriend. He immediately knew it was a scammer, so he decided to write in Old English. His messages didn’t make sense, but she continued to message him— even asking Nelson to pay for a plane ticket so she can visit him.

Making Them Mad

Nelson decided to continue his joke, saying that he couldn’t send money, but he could send raccoon meat to pay for the plane ticket. The scammer eventually caught on that Nelson was pranking her, so she stopped the conversation.

Hopefully, Nelson’s social media story will educate people about scammers and how not to fall for their tricks.

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