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Meet The Precious Pup Named ‘Britain’s Loneliest Dog,’ On An Incredible Search For His Forever Family

Shelter dogs often lead difficult lives before they end up with happy families. Fortunately, many get adopted into ideal forever homes. However, some precious pups seem to get passed over, despite how playful, loving, and spectacular they are. This was true in the case of Hector, who spent most of his life in a shelter. However, the whole world seemed to want to pitch in to help him find a forever home.

Hector The Heart-Stealer

In 2019, everyone who worked at Little Valley Animal Shelter had one favorite dog: Hector. No one could dispute the truth of how cute and charming Hector was. The pup stole the hearts of the shelter’s staff members since 2017 when they rescued him from an abusive environment. However, none of them imagined holding onto the 12-week-old puppy for nearly two years.

Little Valley Animal Shelter, Exeter/Facebook

500 Days Of Shelter

Sadly, poor Hector wasn’t adopted for over 500 days, spending two Christmases at the shelter. The staff tried to spread his story to encourage adopters to step forward. The media labeled him “Britain’s Loneliest Dog” due to his sad circumstances. However, Hector was far from pessimistic. He continued to charm and entertain the shelter’s workers each day with his hilarious personality. They were certain they could find the playful canine his forever home!

Little Valley Animal Shelter, Exeter/Facebook

Hyping Up The Goofball

The goofy pup earned love across the globe from those who pitied his circumstances. The shelter used the attention the media brought them as a chance to show off the spunk of sweet Hector. Being described as a “firm favorite of all who meet him” by the shelter’s manager, Jo Evans, many on the web pitched in to try to help him find a home. It was clear that Hector had tons of personality and pep. Can you imagine a reason not to adopt this adorable guy?

Little Valley Animal Shelter, Exeter/Facebook

Adventure Buddy Of The Ages

Little Valley advertised the cutie as an awesome adventure partner. He especially loved to hit the beach, where he was certain to dive into the ocean for a swim. He had “lots of love to give,” Evans shared, and she was certain he’d thrive in the right home. And while Britain’s media gave him a sad title, it gave him plenty of exposure to track down some epic puppy parents.

Little Valley Animal Shelter, Exeter/Facebook

Finding His Forever Family

The shelter worked avidly to locate an adult owner in England who could give him plenty of one-on-one attention. Although Hector struggled with separation anxiety and defensiveness, no one could blame the poor pup for not wanting to be alone. With the right amount of affection and social training, Hector would be certain to flourish with a loving, attentive owner. We can only hope that he found someone capable of curing his loneliness.

Little Valley Animal Shelter, Exeter/Facebook

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