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This Pregnant Rescued Dog Gave Birth To Six Puppies, And One Was Green

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Reba the German Shepherd was a pregnant stray dog wandering around Georgia. She was rescued from her dangerous situation by Heidi’s Legacy Dog Rescue and given a temporary home at Kristy Anderson’s house. When Reba gave birth to six healthy puppies, one of them had green fur. Yeah, you read that right!

A Better Life

Kristy Anderson has five dogs of her own, and she had just moved to the greater Tampa, Florida area. That didn’t stop her from jumping at the opportunity to foster Reba the pregnant German Shepherd. She knew the dog would need a safe environment for her newborn pups, and Kristy was ready to provide that.

A Large Liter

After only two days in Kristy’s house, Reba gave birth to six adorable puppies. Although all of the puppies were amazing in their own right, one of them was extraordinary. One of Reba’s puppies was born with a bright green stripe in its fur. As can be expected, Kristy and her family were shocked.

What Made The Dog Green?

Dogs are mammals just like us, so puppies sit in amniotic sacs within the mother’s womb. In dogs, the womb is very close to all the other organs. Bright green bile is produced in the gall bladder, and, in rare cases, some of that bile leaks into the amniotic sac and dyes a puppies fur.

Where Are All The Green Dogs?

We don’t usually see green dogs running around because the dye from the bile doesn’t last forever. After a few days, the green pigment fades away, and the formerly green dog will look like any other dog. Reba still loves all of her puppies whether they are green, black, or blue.

Future Plans For The Dogs

Kristy Anderson says that Reba and her puppies will be welcome in her home until they can find a worthy forever home. Staff members at Heidi’s Legacy believe it will be very easy to find a home for the puppies. If no one adopts Reba quickly, Kristy is willing to keep her.

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