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These Preschoolers’ Favorite Recipes Left Us Cracking Up

Has your child ever prepared a meal for you? Perhaps your kid prepared you breakfast in bed! As you know, these recipes can be pretty crazy. Jordan Adams recently shared recipes invented by the children in his nephew’s preschool class. We have selected our four favorite recipes. Would you eat any of these?

An Unusual Egg Recipe

According to one preschooler named Ethan, it takes one hour to prepare this recipe, but only two seconds to cook the eggs. His ingredients include pancakes, sugar, and skittles. His instructions include information about how you can go to his house and he will give you eggs because his mother makes eggs all the time. This is a helpful recipe, isn’t it?

lacuisinesportive via Pixabay

A Detailed Macaroni Recipe

Ariana’s recipe says that you can make macaroni in only five minutes and it costs only $2 to prepare. This is totally realistic, right? Apart from the usual ingredients like macaroni and cheese, she also recommends making macaroni with toys, a backpack, and a doll. We’ll have to try that sometime…

Olichel via Pixabay

The Best Tacos

Joe’s taco recipe takes about 55 minutes to make. He also couldn’t remember if the recipe calls for potatoes or tomatoes. His instructions are detailed with how he doesn’t know how to make tacos. He adds that he knows how to make cheesy roll-ups, so he begins describing how to make that recipe instead.

dolvita108 via Pixabay

An Accurate Pancake Recipe

You have to pay $70 for Sebastian’s pancake recipe and the only ingredient you will need is salt. His instructions explain that you get a “thingy from the house and put it in the hot thingy.” He adds that after you finish your meal, don’t leave the plate on the table or else it will attract flies. Such helpful advice!


Social Media Shares

Adam’s post gathered a lot of attention on social media. People commented on which recipes they would try or how relatable they can be, especially regarding the recipe that explained that the child didn’t know how to make tacos.

Here’s our question: Would you try any of these recipes?

rawpixel via Pixabay


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