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Princess Charlotte Is Queen Elizabeth II’s Mini-Me, And Princess Eugenie’s Wedding Photos Prove It

No one quite compares to the Queen of England herself. However, Princess Charlotte is turning out to be a lot like her great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II!

A Poised Little Princess

Princess Charlotte may be a toddler, but she’s as mature as they come. The three-year-old daughter of Duchess Kate is a lovely, vibrant personality in the royal family. Alongside her five-year-old brother, George, she has been receiving etiquette training for months to ensure she’s a royal to the max. She’s showed off her skills several times in the last year, serving as a flower girl at three weddings!

Duchess of Cambridge

Her most recent appearance was at Princess Eugenie and Prince Jack’s wedding last Friday. The young royal showed up looking absolutely adorable in a frilly white dress with a colorful sash at the waist. However, as cute as she looked, the conversation around her appearance had little to do with her epic style.

Charlotte And Elizabeth: An Undeniable Bond

It’s no secret that Princess Charlotte admires her “gan-gan”, Queen Elizabeth II. The Queen has commented on her close bond with her great-grandchild before, and Kate has told of how involved the Queen is in the happenings of Charlotte. But the world has been surprised to see just how much Charlotte is becoming a mini version of the Queen.

Duchess of Cambridge/Getty

Charlotte can often be found in garb that resembles that which the Queen wore as a child, from similar dresses to identical hair-clips. Charlotte has also shown initiative in caring for her new little brother, Louis, in a similar fashion as to how the Queen cared for her younger sister Margaret. And Charlotte’s recent photos at Princess Eugenie’s wedding offer the most striking resemblance yet.

The Striking Royal Resemblances

In her picture with the bridesmaids and page boys, Charlotte sat poised with her hands folded sweetly in her lap. And as it turns out, the Queen struck the same pose in the family portrait. Many hopped on the Internet to comment on their resemblance, but the pictures weren’t where the similarities ended.


Charlotte also carried the same poise as her grandmother throughout the rest of the ceremony. She even showed off her queen wave to crowds of adoring photographers! One thing is for certain: Charlotte is certainly turning out to be a lot like her incredible, graceful great-grandmother.

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