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Princess Charlotte’s Resemblance To Her Grandmother Princess Diana Is Uncanny

When Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana was born to Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, no one expected such a strong resemblance to her grandmother, Princess Diana. It’s especially apparent now that she’s a toddler. Her picture has been placed side by side with Princess Diana’s, and the similarities were stunning.

The People’s Princess

Diana, Princess of Wales, was well known for her compassion and generosity. She often visited the less fortunate and spread her kindness all over the world. She was known as the people’s princess and was well regarded in British royalty.

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Although both of her sons carry a resemblance to their late mother, Prince William resembles Diana the most, and he passed those looks onto his daughter, Charlotte.

The Princess She Never Met

Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Cambridge was born in May 2015 to Prince William and his wife Catherine. As Charlotte got older, her personality began to emerge and it was very familiar to those who knew Diana. She has her grandmother’s smirk, her eyes, and her determined character.

Twitter: Kensington Palace

But it wasn’t until someone placed their pictures side by side at similar ages that the similarities became glaringly obvious to everyone.

The People’s Princess Lives On

You can see from the photos and how she carries herself that Princess Charlotte bears a strong likeness to Princess Diana. The untimely death of Diana was hard for a lot of people to take, but through her children and her grandchildren, she lives on.


No doubt Charlotte’s parents will keep her grandmother’s memory alive, so Charlotte will know the good she’s done in the world. She’ll see Diana as the kind role model any little girl could hope for, and the legacy of the people’s princess will live on.

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