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This Adorably Protective Dog Thought A Little Girl Needed Saving – And It’s The Most Heartwarming Thing Ever

Matyas, a big fluffy dog, was enjoying a swim in the ocean on a bright summer’s day swimming in France with his owner’s granddaughter. They were having a great time when an unexpected wave washed over the little girl. Sensing danger, Matyas sprang into action. But was the danger real?

The Ocean Waves Get Rough

When you’re in the ocean, you expect to get knocked down by a wave or two, but sometimes they can throw you for a loop. This particular wave bowled his playmate over, and Matyas thought she was in danger.

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Thinking nothing of himself, he ran into the ocean and grabbed the girl by her swim shirt. He tugged on her clothes and pulled her right out of the sea. She wasn’t going to drown on his watch!

Hero Dog To The Rescue

As onlookers from the beach watched, Matyas pulled the girl through the shallow water and straight up the beach. She was laughing so hard the whole time that she couldn’t even speak. She wasn’t really in any danger.

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It turns out that Matyas was a bit over-protective. He didn’t like the fact that this little human was knocked over by the big bad ocean.

The Girl Is Saved

Once the girl was safe on the sand, Matyas let go of her shirt and laid down in front of her. Everyone on the beach laughed and cheered, praising the dog for his bravery. He pranced around, listening to his audience, circling back to check on the girl who was tickled by what just happened.

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They soon went back to playing in the ocean together, as if nothing happened. The girl knew as long as Matyas was around, she wouldn’t have to worry about the dangers around her. Matyas had her back, whether she needed it or not.

Watch the adorable rescue for yourself!

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