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This Psychic Cat Is Predicting The World Cup Winners

Everyone with money, spirit, or pride at the World Cup is on the edge of their seats as the opening games kicked off! But was there a cat who already knew the winner?

A History Of Psychic Sports Animals

Since the beginning of sports history, fans have tried to predict the outcomes of some of the world’s biggest matches. What many aren’t aware of is how much animals have influenced people’s outlooks! Across the years, many seemingly psychic creatures have been given a shot at sports predictions.

For example, an American ape named Eli correctly predicted the Superbowl winners seven years in a row! Paul the octopus, who lived in Madrid until his death, successfully predicted the outcomes of numerous sports games. This year, however, there’s a new feline on the scene!

Achilles: Proud Psychic Pet For The World Cup

Achilles lives in Russia at the St. Petersburg Hermitage museum. While he seems like a typical cat, this fluffy feline has been deemed a psychic by his caretakers. Before now, Achilles was most famous for his predictions in the 2017 Confederations Cup. Most recently, the cat had his sights set on the losers and victors in this year’s World Cup!

One of Achilles biggest advantages is that the kitten is completely deaf. This means that in the center of all of the photographs and prying journalists, he can stay focused. While it may not seem like there’s much for the cat to prepare for, his owners took his training very seriously!

Prepping Achilles For Winning Predictions

The contenders in the World Cup can’t hold a torch to the level of work Achilles is putting into his training regimen. The feline is dressed full-jersey for his selection routine! Those caring for him are making certain the cat has all the information he needs to make accurate predictions.

Achilles is faced with tons of World Cup content every day, from reviewing game times to browsing over pages of information about the teams. They even have him working out to lose a few pounds before his predictions! Whether he’s psychic or not, Achilles has formed quite the fan base. He’s always happy to stop for a photo in his free time!

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved