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A Very Punny Sign Outside Of A Colorado Community Center Is Keeping Locals Laughing

They may make you roll your eyes, but puns are one clever way to guarantee some laughs. The Indian Hills Community Center in Colorado knows and lives by this rule. Local resident Vince Rozmiarek uses the center’s exterior sign to display some very punny dad jokes, keeping the town in stitches.

Filled With Great Advice

Just because it’s a pun doesn’t mean it can’t provide some quality knowledge too! While driving past the community center, take note of this advice and its clever delivery. You never know, it could be helpful.

A quality dad joke complete with quality dad advice, it’s he whole package.

Indian Hills Community Sign/Facebook

These Jokes Are Going Up In Quality

The community center did not disappoint when they let Colorado locals know about one of their biggest fears. We can’t blame them though — moving stairs can definitely cause some anxiety to rise to the surface.

Vince Rozmiarek updates the sign regularly with a seemingly endless number of puns, like this next one for example.

Indian Hills Community Sign/Facebook

Make A Power(ful) Point

Next time you need to break the ice at the office with a good joke, try this one on for size. You’ll have the last Word for sure and will most definitely Excel in making your coworkers laugh out loud. It’s a great way to shake up a boring workday.

Indian Hills Community Sign/Facebook

Delivering The News

Would this be considered community news or an advertisement for a great sale? Either way, it had us laughing! Hopefully, this incident didn’t cause an all-out war-drobe malfunction.

Rozmiarek will even incorporate current events, holidays, and football season into his signs. Let’s keep the laughs rolling.

Indian Hills Community Sign/Facebook

It’s Never Too Late

Summer may be winding down but it is never too late to get the summer body you have always dreamed of. Even in cold weather, there are always opportunities to get that hot bod you spent your whole life working for.

As cheesy as they are, we hope The Indian Hills Community Center never stops these pun-tastic signs.

Indian Hills Community Sign/Facebook

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