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Puppy Not Expected To Survive Defies All Odds After Family Adopts Her From A Shelter Of Thousands

Mary moved her family to Ankara, Turkey for her husband’s job and she and the girls became involved with the local animal rescue shelter. When they volunteered for hospice care at the shelter, to give back to their new community, their goal was to help dogs have a more comfortable end of life. Mary and her two children already had a couple chihuahuas at home, but they wanted to make a greater difference.

In 2016, they offered their helping hands when the shelter was desperate for assistance. In fact, at one point they had over 4,000 dogs in need of medical care, food, shelter, and love. Mary had no idea a puppy named Faith would change her and her family’s life.

Loving Rescue Animals

Mary and her daughters began bringing food to feed the animals when the shelter ran out. Heartbroken that some of the animals would die in the shelter, Mary adopted a litter of four puppies who were dying of distemper, a highly contagious viral disease. Since they were overlooked in the crowded shelter, she wanted to give them love and comfort at the end of their lives.

Sadly, two out of the three puppies that Mary adopted passed away shortly after adoption.

Bringing Faith Home

The third puppy, Faith, was the smallest of the litter and the family prepared themselves for the worst. Faith’s struggled with distemper, a viral disease that can affect animals’ respiratory, gastrointestinal, and central nervous systems. She suffered from weakness in her legs, keeping her in the box she came home in most of the time.

But Faith wasn’t one to be miscounted.

Faith Makes A Come Back

The family brought faith into the vet, who wasn’t sure if Faith could survive treatment, but they moved forward anyway since it was worth a shot.

“Once we took her out of there and took her to our vet, they started care for the distemper,” Mary recalled. “Once she was eating regularly, she just started improving, and we took her home.”

Faith needed to be quarantined from Mary’s other dogs after returning home and they saw some improvements in her after the first month. After another month, Faith had made quite the recovery! She was cleared by the vet and dubbed a healthy dog.

Faith made a full recovery and is ready to live out her fullest life with the family who saved her. She proves that while you can’t help everyone, you can make a difference.

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved