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This Puppy ‘Grins’ From Ear To Ear When She Gets Adopted

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The Beaumont Animal Care shelter in Texas looks after all kinds of animals from parakeets to puppies. This shelter is a haven for animals that don’t have a home, and the employees have done a great job of using social media to help their lovely resident find forever homes. And one puppy from the shelter became a viral star for her adorable facial expressions.

The Smiling Chihuahua

Dogs are very emotionally intelligent. They can sense when people are sad, and they can sense when people are happy. Employees of the Beaumont shelter had noticed that whenever a person interacted with a certain chihuahua, she would appear to smile from ear to ear.

Smiley Gets Adopted

Since the chihuahua bares its pearly whites in everyday situations, you can only imagine how big her smile was when her forever home owners came in to adopt her. You actually don’t have to imagine. Watch for yourself!

As crazy as it may sound, it almost seems like that clever little chihuahua knew what the word adoptions means. And the rest was the making of Internet history.

How You Can Help

Beaumont Animal Care attempts to give animals extra positive attention while they are in transition from one home to the next. These types of shelters are often nonprofits or underfunded government initiatives, so they are cash strapped.

Depending on each shelter’s policy, the shelter may have to stop accepting animals or (even worse) euthanize animals when they become overpopulated. Adopt your next pet to a shelter, and volunteer your time and money to these worthy causes if you can. Caring for dozens of animals is a very big job, and community support helps shelters to accomplish this amazing job.

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