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The Queen’s Love For Matching Umbrellas Will Make You Love Her Even More

Queen Elizabeth II is known for being prim and proper, but she’s also known for her modest fashion. However, have you ever noticed she is always prepared when it rains? She grabs an umbrella and is ready to go. But people with a sharper eye have noticed that the Queen matches her outfit with the color of her umbrella. How did we miss this?

Sporting Her Signature Umbrellas

Since 1993, Queen Elizabeth II has been sporting her signature umbrella— a classic birdcage design made by Fulton Umbrellas. Her umbrellas are custom-made, so it’s not surprising when she would request to have an umbrella to match her entire wardrobe. From her dress to her hats, her umbrellas blend in perfectly.

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Protects Her From The Rain

It rains a lot in London, England. After all, many people around the world love referring to the United Kingdom as the “wettest country.” The Queen has to endure many days and walks in the rain. Thankfully, she always has an umbrella to shield her from the rain. Perhaps she has an entire closet just for umbrellas. If anyone opened that closet, it would be a rainbow of colors.

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All Done On Purpose

Fulton Umbrellas was awarded a Royal Warrant in 2006 for the company’s designs and dedication to matching her majesty’s outfits. The trim and handle are designed to be the exact color of the Queen’s outfit. From the smile on her face, we can assume the Queen is happy with the designs.

They’re Practical, Too

It turns out the Queen really loves her umbrellas. No one probably loves umbrellas more than her majesty. She may love how they match her wardrobe, but she also loves how practical they are.

“The birdcage umbrella’s transparent domed cover offers the ideal protection from the blustery British weather while allowing her to remain visible no matter the conditions,” a Fulton Umbrellas representative told TODAY Style.

Keen Attention To Detail

Everyone has noticed the Queen’s keen attention to detail. Social media users have commented on the Queen’s appearance.

“I’ve never known of anyone who carried an umbrella that color coordinated with her outfits. Queen Elizabeth is a trendsetter. I wonder if other people in England carry color-coordinated umbrellas,” one user shared.

Keep matching your outfits, Queen Elizabeth! Now it’s all we can see.

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