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Examples Of People Who Had Seriously Questionable Ideas, But Executed Them Flawlessly

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flipped car questionable ideas

Many of the biggest and best ideas for some of the most successful products are created after people come up with some random idea that is just crazy enough to work. Then, that same crazy idea is executed to perfection, with a few necessary tweaks along the way. But sometimes chasing those extraordinary dreams can lead to something entirely different. And even with the most perfect execution, these strokes of possible genius can still turn out a little…peculiar. See what happens when some of the strangest ideas become a reality, and take a look through this list of truly odd creations.

1. Denim Jandals

We are living in a world in which jean shorts are colloquially known as “jorts” (if you don’t believe us, just look up the word in the dictionary, it’s really there). In an extraordinary example of questionable market demand, but great execution, we present what we are dubbing “jandals.” Unfortunately, you won’t find that word in the dictionary.

denim sandals questionable ideas


Imagine a beautiful day that’s hot enough to wear sandals, but cold enough to want to envelope your feet in thick denim. Okay, we can’t imagine that kind of day either. We’re not exactly sure who thought the world needed this perplexing cousin of the ankle warmer, but hey, if we ever wanted flip-flops that could double as socks in everyone’s favorite indigo-colored textile, there exists an answer!

2. St-hairway To Heaven?

This hairy stairway might be the most horrifying thing we’ve ever seen, and we have a lot of questions. Is the hair fake or real? Where did the owner even get all of those locks? How does someone make it up or down these stairs without slipping? How does one clean this staircase? We could keep going, but we’ll “sp-hair” you.

hairy stairs questionable ideas


This particularly unique take on carpeting it actually a synthetic hair installation by artist Jessica Wohl at the abandoned Mountainaire Hotel in Arkansas. If you’re going to go through with a plan that is in truly bizarre taste, at least execute it well. So in this case, hats off to the designer (and groomer?) of these seriously strange stairs.

3. Croc-n-Roll

Last time we checked, the unexpectedly popular rubber foam clog Crocs are not exactly considered a prime styling choice for punk rock fashion. But we now stand corrected. Just add a few spikes, some chains, and a simple pair of Crocs can be turned into the punk rock look of your dreams.

crocs and chains questionable ideas


If anyone shares the same taste for hybrid fashion statements, they should go get their own. They definitely can’t take them from this person, who has secured his custom Crocs with a chain to his pants. These shoes are the perfect day-to-night look, especially for the daytime gardener and nighttime Marilyn Manson concert-goer.

4. Cut to the Point

There are simply just not enough hours in the day to get everything done that you need to accomplish. With all of the responsibilities stacking up, how can anyone possibly have time to write and cut their nails? Well, the worrying is now officially over.

nail clipper pen questionable ideas good execution


For all of the multitaskers out there, we give you the nail clipper/pen combo. Because no one wants to write a paper or letter with overgrown nails. But please, we beg, don’t be the person who comes to class and clips their nails. No one, except maybe for the person clipping, wants that. We give this invention a D for idea, and an A for execution.

5. Barking Up the Wrong Tree

There are some dog owners who find that everywhere they walk, it seems like their four-legged friends are always following at their feet. There are, apparently, other dog owners who encourage that behavior by wearing their dogs right there on their feet.

dog slippers WTF Ideas


The owner of these two pups was apparently so attached to her fur babies that she literally attached herself to them by getting their exact likeness made into fuzzy slippers. We guess she took the idea of walking a mile in her dogs’ shoes a little too literally. While we question the taste of this look, we have to hand it to whoever perfectly nailed the design. The resemblance is truly uncanny!

6. A Show On The Road

At first glance seeing this vehicle on the road, many motorists might think “is that car upside down?” Luckily, no it is not. It was just, oddly enough, built this way. A Reddit user submitted this photo to the thread “Awful Taste But Great Execution,” and we have to say we agree.

flipped car


Maybe the owner of this car could not choose between the two, or maybe the convertible was an example of questionable taste, but regardless, we have to hand it to the mechanic who literally put this together. The fact that this hunk of metal (or, we guess, two hunks of metal) can actually drive is a feat we cannot ignore.

7. Taco Belle

Wanting to dress like Belle from Beauty and the Beast is a tale as old as time. But wanting to mix the iconic French maiden costume with inspiration from your favorite fast food restaurant is certainly ‘punny,’ if not conventional.

Taco Bell Dress


While this fusion of Disney classic ball gown and drive-through fan favorite may be considered by some a fashion faux pas, the execution of this crunchy costume is worthy of some high-class praise. Or at least a free meal from Taco Bell. And while we’re at it, might we suggest that this becomes the official uniform for the fast food joint?

8. A Two For One Deal

There are all kinds of purses out there today; big bags, small bags, cross-body bags, messenger bags, even fanny packs are making it back onto the fashion scene. But considering all the handbag options, the jacket bag still hasn’t quite hit the mainstream.

jacket bag


Either this mini jacket-shoulder bag look is a rare custom model, or someone decided to reduce, reuse and recycle their child’s puffy jacket into a questionable purse design. Regardless, whoever owns this kind of purse at least has a place to curl up with their belongings on a cold, winter day. We’re not sure if it’s practical, but it is producible.

9. Roll the Tape

At first glance, fellow motorists might not even even notice the anomaly of this car. The inconspicuous grey sedan looks normal enough from afar. But look a little bit closer and anyone can see that its paint job is not exactly by the book.

duct tape car


The crafty owner of this car seems to have found a way around having to fork out load for exterior upkeep. Nope, that’s not a custom striped paint job…. that’s an entire car wrapped in perfectly placed duct tape. Finding a roll of unused duct tape inside of someone’s car is definitely a little creepy. Finding duct tape wrapped around a car, now that just blows our mind.

10. Hitting a Sour Note

As someone who absolutely loves Sour Patch Kids, and their watermelon flavored Sour Patch cousins, the draw behind eating a whole bag of this candy is totally understandable. But mixing the candy with cereal and putting it in a bowl with milk? So sorry, that’s not something we can get behind.

sour patch cereal


One Reddit user posted this photo of a box of Sour Patch Kids cereal found in their local grocery store. After some digging around the Internet, it seems that everyone is just as confused as we are. There are videos of people trying the cereal for the first time and some pretty dismal reviews on Amazon. On the Post cereal website, which still advertises the product, a search showed that no grocery stores are currently selling the cereal. Gee, we wonder why?

11. Hairley Davidson

We have heard about the importance of horsepower when it comes to shopping for the perfect motorcycle, but if a motorcycle actually looks like a horse, does that count too? For all of those looking to add a little “what is that?” value to your motorcycle collection, this is the perfect ride.

furry motorcycle


With this furry motorcycle, gone will be the days of having backside cramps after a long drive (the fur does make it look a bit cushier), and gone will be the days of having to suffer through the cold winds (we assume the fur must help keep the rider warm). You might get some stares and some jeers, but we’re sure they’d be laughing with you, not at you!

12. Going Green

So someone has just created your perfect garden oasis, with fresh grass, some decorative stones, maybe they even installed a pond. For the last step to complete their dream back yard, all they need is the perfect chair. Boy, do we have the chair for them.

garden chair WTF Ideas


This strange play on what seemed to be a once perfectly good place to sit has taken the term “garden chair” to the next level. Just because this particular variety of chair is called a garden chair does not actually mean it has to have a garden of its own growing on it. But if you’re going to have to sit in one of these, at least take comfort in knowing you can pretty easily just blend into the background and enjoy a peaceful day outdoors alone.

13. Can You Dig It?

What do you get when you combine a forklift and a furnace? This might sound like the beginning of a punch line, but it actually seems to be what one home owner thought when he or she was designing their house. And as you can imagine, it has led to some head scratching results.



It would definitely be shocking to see this design featured in a home tour, and we can’t imagine what it would be like to try and sell the home with this feature, but that’s a worry for later. Regardless of what you (or any future buyers) might think about this odd home design choice, you have to admit that whoever brought this super strange vision to life totally nailed the execution of it.

14. A Car Pile Up

What do you do with two train cars that have been put off the tracks and out of use? Well, if you are a creative foodie, then making a diner out of them is one way to recycle the cars, we guess. But what if you want to give it a little something extra?

grasshopper train station


This questionably weird two car pile up is a cafe called, obviously enough, Grasshopper’s Dream, and it sits on the Auraji rail bike route near Jeongseon, South Korea. It’s a popular cafe because of its location right on a popular bike trail and train route, and perhaps because its design makes it just a little bit hard to miss.

15. Nuts (and Bolts)

Most people have a favorite animal, but we do not think that most people take their love this far. Imagine going into an auto shop, looking the shop owner straight in the eyes and asking for them to turn your car into the ultimate homage to the hippopotamus.

hippo car WTF Ideas


While it might not be the best idea we have ever heard of, whoever took this idea and made it a reality should get some serious kudos. From the protruding eyes, the detail in the lips and the added touch of yet another hippopotamus laying on top of the hood, this is probably as good as a hippopotamus car could get.

16. Fancy Pants

Ever have a few pairs of jeans you no longer wear? Maybe they are too lose, or too tight, or too 1980s for your style today? Most people probably thought about donating them, or giving them to a friend. It seems like they just weren’t being creative enough.

jean couch


For the real creatives out there, please don’t get any ideas from this design. A user of Reddit posted this photo of a denim couch, and it is not just any denim couch. Nope, this couch is actually made out of denim pants, with everything from the pockets to the belt loops all included. So if anyone was thinking of making their own denim furniture out of used jeans, we’d suggest you couch that idea.

17. Nailed It?

Star Wars fans are some of the most passionate fans out there. They wear their love for their favorite movie series on their sleeve. And in this case, this person wore their love for the franchise on their nails, and decided to sport the iconic lightsaber on their thumb.

light saber nail


While this is definitely a cool idea, this absolutely cannot be practical. Imagine trying to do just about anything with a giant lightsaber attached to your thumb. If only there was a way to have this lightsaber work like the ones in the movies that are able to be turned off and put away. But until fantasy becomes a reality, we still have to hand it to the nail artist who was actually able to pull off this slightly strange nail request.

18. Despicable Design

Ever since the children’s movie Despicable Me was released in theaters, people seem to be obsessed with those tiny, yellow characters called Minions. There was so much hype around these truly endearing characters that producers ended up creating a prequel dedicated to them.

Minion WTF Ideas


And while the ratings were on fire with so much Minions love, one person decided to take this perhaps a little too literally. This minion inspired fire pit is equal parts creepy and impressive. And we have to say, if you are going to decide to make a minion fire pit, at least this person did it right. We also award extra points for its ability to hold campfire accessories.

19. Pineapple of Our Eyes

Mostly everyone has a favorite fruit. Some decide to keep that fruit constantly on hand in their home, or to make sure they always include it in their favorite shake. These are totally fine requests and preferences. But when you decide to have your hair emulate your favorite fruit, that’s a tall order.

pineapple haircut


This person’s barber executed the unimaginable, and made hair into fruit. We have to applaud the attention to detail here, from the criss-crossing pattern of a pineapple’s rough skin, to the green dyed stem, to the small brown dots that really resemble the fruit. Looking at this has us confused, and also craving some pineapple.

20. Phishing

It is hard to believe that the original PlayStation 2 was released by Sony almost 20 years ago, and there is already a PlayStation 5 set to hit shelves soon. A lot has changed in 20 years, but this fish lover wanted to bring some nostalgia and some “what the heck is that” attitude to his or her fish tank.

playstation fish tank


While we are genuinely impressed with the attention to detail and ingenuity behind this design, thinking about how it was put together has us scratching our heads. Where in the world does someone even buy a PlayStation fish tank? Does it come in a PlayStation 5 version? And most importantly, does it come with controllers that the fish can use?

21. A Fashion Statement

Anyone who has ever purchased a purse, luggage, or any type of bag for that matter, has come across the tiny white pouch that is usually found inside. The silica gel pouches are common fixtures, especially inside of leather items. Fun fact, they are actually there to soak up any residual moisture and make sure your bag does not get water damaged before you’ve even had the chance to wear it.

silica bag


But someone took the silica gel out of the leather bag and made it a bag in its own right. This cross-body bag is so bizarre that we might just love it. And it has us wondering if there’s a silica gel pouch that comes inside the bag when you purchase it. We hope so.

22. The Grass Is Always Greener

Teachers are expected to work notoriously long hours, and usually get it early in the morning and do not get to leave until well into the night. They go above and beyond for their students. And while many teachers get to enjoy a school-free summer vacation, there really is not time to spend outdoors during the in between. Apparently, some creative school designer tried to fix that.

staff kitchen


This teachers’ lounge features a Plexiglas floor where below you can see what we assume is fake grass and a winding pebble road that leads right to… the microwave. It’s definitely not a regular teachers’ lounge, it’s a cool teachers’ lounge.

23. Head, Shoulders, Ears and Toes

Sometimes you get inspiration from the strangest things. Some of the best designs have always come from combining the unexpected and making it into something entirely different. But this design is not just unexpected, it will have people doing a double take.

toe nail clipper earrings WTF Ideas


We have never exactly looked at toe nail clippers and thought they would be the most chic accessory, but maybe this is why we are not in the business of designing jewelry. From the golden metal to the emerald accents, this earring shows that if you are going to wear a toe nail clipper on your ear, at least make it fashion.

24. The Fast Life

Everyone wants to be remembered in a certain way after they are no longer on this earth. When planning funeral services, families work hard to preserve a certain memory of their loved ones. And while some go with a more somber theme, others choose to celebrate the more quirky aspects of their loved ones’ lives.



We imagine that this casket, posted online by one Reddit user, is a homage to a very fun person who loved to live the fast live. And while flames are definitely a bold design for something like a casket, and we could not imagine what went in to actually requesting this specific design, we must say the final product is pretty impressive.

25. Like Mike

Basketball star Michael Jordan is an indisputable legend in the world of sports. His name has become synonymous with greatness, and has inspired some pretty amazing shoes, sportswear, and a movie that starred Lil Bow Wow and Jonathan Lipnicki. And it seems that his likeness has also inspired a pretty detailed haircut/outfit combination.

Jordan hair


They say “wear the hair, don’t let it wear you,” and this person definitely took note. He is not only wearing his new Michael Jordan inspired haircut, he is continuing the Michael Jordan theme by having his hair blend seamlessly with a coordinating shirt. If you are going to go with such a bold hair statement, you might as well go all the way.

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