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These Quintuplets All Graduate Together From The Same University With Different Disciplines!

These quintuplets were absolutely inseparable since birth. So much so, the siblings decided to go to the same university. After sticking out college life together, they have all crossed the stage with their degrees in five different subjects!

Always Together

Enna, Maria, Emilio, George and John Diaz were born within three minutes of each other back in July 1996. Their parents, Jorge and Enna Diaz, were shocked that they were having five babies, but lovingly welcomed them all.

From birth, the quints were super close. They all attended the same elementary, middle and high schools. They even made memories at prom night together. So, when the time came for college, it was no big surprise that the siblings decided to stay together!

Getting Through College

Enna, Maria, Emilio, George, and John all chose to attend the University of North Texas together. Knowing that it would be difficult for their parents to get all five of them through school, the siblings worked to ease as much of that burden as they could. They each worked part-time, took out student loans, and collected financial aid from the university to help pay tuition.

During their college years, the quints had many of their core curriculum classes together. They lived together in the same college dorms and would study together in the library for finals. Having each other’s support really made navigating college life much easier!

Graduation Day

Four years later, the quints all crossed the stage, receiving their degrees from the university. Though they may have gotten through school together, their interests couldn’t have been more different. The siblings graduated with degrees in biology, finance, Spanish, social communication, and art.

Regardless of their majors, their parents and family couldn’t have been more proud of them on graduation day! “It has been my dream to see them through college,” Jorge admitted. “Watching them graduate was the best feeling any parent can have but multiply that by five. We did it.” Congrats to them all!

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