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Meet the Quirky Smart Gadgets That Could Redefine Our Lives In The Next Decade

smart gadgets

Technology is advancing at such rapid pace that it’s exciting but also hard to comprehend. Companies are making every household item imaginable into ‘smart’ and futuristic versions and creating new gadgets that we never knew we needed. So put on your human muzzle (#11) and make sure not to get your swimsuits wet (#24) because things are about to get weird. Just a heads up, though: the near future will include a LOT of looking at your phone. It might finally be time to invest in that laser eye surgery you need. Read on to find out what smart gadgets are going to be changing our lives, hopefully for the better in the not-so-distant future.

 1. Anti-Snoring Mask

This nifty gadget looks like it’s just an eye mask, but it will also stop you or your partner from snoring. Through sound recognition technology, the device knows when you start snoring and then gives out tiny micro-vibrations to intervene.

smart gadgets

The mask has a total of 36 levels of vibrations to make sure that you stop snoring. You can also connect the device to your smartphone to monitor activity throughout the night. Snoring not only disturbs others trying to sleep, but will this mask also prevents the snorer from getting a good night’s sleep?

2. Modius

The Modius is a product designed to help you lose weight through neuro-stimulation. You just wear the head-piece for 45 minutes every day and watch the pounds melt away. The device situates two electrodes on your mastoids and sends signals to the vestibular nerve.

smart gadgets


This activates metabolic processes in the nervous system which reduce the storage of fat in the body. According to the makers, “weight gain and weight loss are controlled by the brain,” so essentially this gadget tricks your brain into losing weight. Reviews of the device have been mostly positive.

3. Dome Mouser

This smart mouse trap conveniently connects to your smartphone and will send you a notification when the trap is set off. Meaning you no longer have to check traps every day to ensure you don’t have a dead, stinking rodent laying around your home.

smart gadgets

Dome Home Automation/ Smart Things Community

The device runs on four AA batteries and the battery status of your device is indicated in the app. There is also no messy clean up with this reusable mousetrap as it simply electrocutes the rodents.

4. Kerastase Hair Coach

The Kerastase Hair Coach is a smart hair brush equipped with a microphone, gyroscope, and load cells to measure brushing pressure. Via the microphone, this gadget can tell whether your hair is too dry or too greasy and whether you need to moisturize your hair more.

smart gadgets

The smart hair brush can also detect if your hair is wet or dry and if you’re brushing too fast or too hard. If you start brushing too vigorously the smart brush will vibrate, letting you know to ease up. All of the data is synced and stored on an easy to use smartphone app. At the moment though, it’s not compatible with curly or coarse hair types.

5. eSight

These eSight glasses may look a bit weird but they do something incredible. They allow legally blind people to see. The glasses are equipped with high speed, high definition cameras that relay the images seen to the user on two OLED screens.

smart gadgets


The glasses give the user instant sight in real time. They’re also hands-free, allowing the user more versatility. One customer said “eSight has changed my life. It has allowed me to be better in every area of my life and has brought me so much joy!”

6. Self-Cleaning Towels

Towels are a breeding ground for bacterial growth, but fret no longer. There is finally a towel that can supposedly clean itself and it’s called the Silvon towel. The technology behind the product uses silver to naturally eliminate bacteria before it has a chance to grow and spread.

smart gadgets

The micro-fibers used in the towel are coated with pure silver and tests show that the towel is capable of eliminating up to 99% of bacteria. But not only can it kill bacteria, it is also supposed to be better for your skin and can help prevent acne. You will, however, still need to wash it every once in a while.

7. The Ember Mug

Coffee in the morning is a must, but getting the temperature just right is not simple. If you get too eager and drink straight away you’ll end up burning your face off. On the other hand, wait too long and it will get cold. The Ember mug solves those problems.

smart gadgets


The mug is designed to keep your coffee or tea at the perfect temperature, from 120 degrees to 145 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on your preference. Users set their preferred temperature through a smartphone app. This gadget is already growing in popularity in the US and can be found in many Starbucks stores.

8. The TRONO Chair

The TRONO chair is a comfy lounge chair that you can take with you on the go. It’s inflatable so it folds down to a small compact size and you don’t need a pump to use it. You also don’t need to gasp for air trying to inflate it with your lungs.

smart gadgets

In order to inflate the chair you just open the end, spin around to catch the air inside, and close it. The chair is advertised as a great item to take with you to the beach, park or even hiking. It’s made from a durable material and comes in five different colors.

9. Unico Futuristic Toothbrush

Hate brushing your teeth? Well, then this is the perfect gadget for you. Meet the automatic smart toothbrush of the future. With this device all users need to do is insert the motorized mouth guard, outfitted with rotating bristles, into their mouths. Then, teeth are perfectly clean in three seconds.

smart gadgets


Dentists recommend that people brush their teeth for at least three minutes after each meal, which can add up to around 200 days in a single lifetime. Not does this gadget claim to give you a better, deeper clean in less time, it will also free up hands, allowing the morning routine to get done faster.

10. FIXD

FIXD is a cheap and easy-to-use device that claims it can save drivers thousands of dollars at the auto shop. It’s a small device that plugs into a car’s OBD (onboard diagnostics) port and runs a diagnostic scan when your check engine light comes on (all cars made after 1996 have this port).

smart gadgets

The device then connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone (IOS and Android), telling exactly what the problem is. That means that people no longer have to rely on the word of a mechanic who may or may not be trying to scam them out of their hard-earned money. Unless you’re a car genius, this gadget is probably for you.

11. Hushme

The Hushme is the world’s first “mask” for mobile phones. It’s designed so users can have conversations in public without being heard or disturbing others. That’s right, this bane-like mask contraption is meant to be worn in public.

smart gadgets

The gadget also has a voice overlay mode which will distort the speaker’s voice into an array of different styles and emit the voice out loud via an external speaker on the device. It might not be stylish, but it does the job.

12. Upright

Upright is a device that adheres to a person’s upper back and tracks their posture throughout the day. The devices sync to smartphones via their free app, allowing wearers to track their progress and do daily training exercises.

smart gadgets

In training mode, the small device will gently vibrate when you are in a slouched position to remind you to correct your posture. Within a short period of time, the Upright gadget is supposed to have people standing and sitting up straight.

13. QUARTZ Bottle

The QUARTZ bottle is the world’s first self-cleaning water bottle. This gizmo purifies itself and the water inside using short-wavelength ultraviolet light (UVC light), making the bottle an inhospitable environment for bacteria, viruses, mold and other micro-organisms. It’s actually the same type of technology that is used to sterilize medical facilities.

smart gadgets


The QUARTZ bottle is rechargeable via USB and one charge can last two to three months. The bottle activates every four hours to purify itself and can keep water cold for 24 hours and water hot for 12 hours. The purification process takes just 60 seconds and kills 99.9% of harmful micro-organisms.

14. L’Oreal UV Sense

The L’Oreal UV Sense is a sensor that monitors your daily UV exposure, telling you whether you are spending too much time in the sun or not. The data from the sensor is synced to your smartphone via near-field communication, the same technology used with credit cards and e-tickets.

smart gadgets

The device’s smartphone app will recommend products based on your UV exposure. As everyone’s skin tone is different, the app will ask you a few initial questions during setup to specify your personal needs. Apart from wearing the sensor on your nail, you can also clip it to your watch or sunglasses.

15. Hypersuit VR Exoskeleton

There’s a lot going on in the realm of virtual reality gaming at the moment and now you immerse your entire body into VR with an exoskeleton. With this gadget, you can control movements in the virtual world with your arms.

smart gadgets hypersuit


“It enables you to do everything you want with your arms, so you can become Ironman or a diver, depending on the thing you are going to have in the mask,” founder of Hypersuit Gregoire Arcache told the Daily Mail.

16. Sitpack ZEN

Sometimes you just need a place to sit down and rest, so why not carry a chair with you in your pocket? This gadget, which dubbed itself the “world’s most compact chair”, folds down to the size of a small extendable umbrella that people can take with them wherever they go.

smart gadgets

Apart from being compact and functional, it also could helps improve posture, blood circulation and strengthen users’ cores. The base of the chair collapses like a telescope and the chair sides fold down. It’s built to last and can support up to 300 lbs.

17. Griffin Technology Connected Toaster

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is no ordinary toaster. This is the world’s very first smart toaster. It connects to an app on your smartphone, allowing you to pull out your phone to tell the toaster just how dark you want your bread. After all, why would we want to press one button on a toaster when we can press ten on our phones?

smart gadgets

Hindustan Times

We have confirmed that this item is not an April fool’s joke but what we can’t figure out is whether the smart toaster was made because someone deemed it necessary or if they made it just because they could. We certainly hope it’s the latter.

18. GPD WIN 2 Handheld Game Console

Do you love gaming and dream of a high-quality gaming system you can take on the go? The GPD WIN 2 promises to be just that. This handheld system is capable of running the biggest and most popular AAA games, including MMO games!

smart gadgets


It runs Windows 10 and is jam packed with processing power and memory. The battery life on the GPD WIN 2 will last users around 6-8 hours depending on working conditions. With this gadget, you’ll never have to leave home without World of Warcraft, Skyrim or GTA 5 again.

19. UZER Eugene Smart Trash Can

Need help recycling and making your shopping list? Employ the service UZER’s Eugene trash scanner. Users scan items before throwing them away and it can decipher whether the item is trash or recyclable. Though the startup’s originally product was a full trash can with a scanner, the company now focuses mainly on the scanner.

smart gadgets uzer eugene

The scanner connects to an app on phones and tracks the items scanned, letting users know when they need to buy those products again. The device also makes it easy to track what the user is eating and the nutrients in each item.

20. The Oombrella

The Oombrella is a smart umbrella that changes color when it rains. The gadget connects to your smartphone via an app that will alert you when there is rain expected in the weather forecast. You will also receive a notification if you leave the umbrella behind.

smart gadgets


Weather information is updated in real time to ensure that Oombrella is always up to date on what the weather is going to be like. The umbrella has a chip, sensors and a battery located in the device’s handle. The smart umbrella is also equipped with UV protection so it is useful on sunny days as well as rainy ones.

21. FoldiMate

The FoldiMate was designed in order to solve laundry folding problems, because let’s face it, no one actually likes folding laundry. All you have to do is clip your freshly-washed clothes to the machine and indicate the type of garment on the dial pad and FoldiMate folds it for you.

smart gadgets

FoldiMate can also steam and perfume clothes. At the moment, the machine cannot fold underwear, socks, sheets, towels or other bulky items like hoodies. The machine is about the size of a washing machines (meaning quite large) and it comes with a hefty price tag. A new version of the FoldiMate is due to be released sometime in 2019, so hopefully once all the kinks are worked out, this device will become a household item.

22. Jagger & Lewis Smart Dog Collar

This ingenious smart dog collar is equipped with an accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope, microphone, and heat/light sensors which allow the collar to monitor your dog’s activity. The collar can monitor a dog’s eating, drinking, sleep, breathing and even stress levels.

smart gadgets

Digital Trends

After a period of time, the smart collar will be able to detect behavioral changes in the pet and send owners an alert, for example, if the dog is sick or in danger. According to the company’s spokeswoman, the gadget “helps you improve your relationship with your dog.” And luckily there is no monthly fee for the service, just a one-time purchase price.

23. Wair Air Filter Scarf

This gadget is a smart scarf. It can monitor the pollution in the air and even filters it for you. The scarf filters out harmful pollutants such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, hydrocarbon, heavy metals and sulfur dioxide. There are two built-in filters on the scarf, capable of filtering out 99% of pollutants.

smart gadgets


The device communicates with its app on your smartphone and will even suggest travel routes with less pollution. So if you live in a city full of pollution, suffer from allergies or are just out for some looting and pillaging, this is the item for you.

24. Solar Bikini

Ever been at the beach and needed to charge something? Well, this swimsuit has you covered. It’s covered in solar panels and can allegedly generate enough power to charge an electronic device. The suit can also be worn in the water.

Smart Gadgets

New Atlas

Be careful not to trying charging anything while swimming, though. Once out of the water the suit needs to be completely dry before trying to charge anything, otherwise it won’t work and you could end up damaging your electronics instead.

25. WELT

WELT is the world’s first smart belt and is designed to “track health from the waist,” as the company says. The belt will track a user’s waist size, physical activity throughout the day, by measuring step count, and provides individualized health tips based on the data.

smart gadgets

BioSpectrum Asia

As with all “smart” gadgets, there is an app to download onto smartphones and it uses a battery. A charge should last 30 or more days, according to the makers. You can also record your eating habits on the app and set a daily activity goal.

26. The Avegant Glyph

Want to feel like you’re in the movies? Well here’s your chance. This device, called the Avegant Glyph (what a mouthful), beams movies and TV straight into your eyeballs. According to the makers, it gives you an experience similar to watching a 60″ TV from about 10 feet away.

smart gadgets


You’re probably thinking that the gadget can’t be good for your eyes but according to Avegant, it closely mimics how we see objects in reality and is quite easy on the eyes. Also, the look of the gadget is… well, a statement to say the least, but hey, they will come in handy for your next Cyclops cosplay event.

27. SNOO Smart Sleeper

Can’t get your baby to sleep? Thanks to the SNOO Smart Sleeper there is now an app for that. This contraption is essentially a smart baby crib. Just put your baby into the SNOO sack (yes, that’s what they named it) and strap it down on the mattress.

smart gadgets

Happiest Baby

The crib can detect crying and will starting gently rocking your baby to sleep. It is also equipped with a white noise machine. The companion smartphone app records the activity and will even notify parents when their baby needs attention.

28. Cerevo Taclim VR Shoes

These are known as Taclim shoes and are designed to enhance virtual-reality immersion through touch. These shoes can make you feel like you are walking on different surfaces such as a creaky wood floor, grass, concrete, water or other surfaces.

smart gadgets


Taclim shoes only come in one size at the moment and are fitted with eight sensors. The company also makes gloves which can track movements in the VR realm. Both items, when paired with VR games, make immersion into the virtual world all the more real.

29. Hubble Hugo

The Hubble Hugo is a smart home security camera that can rotate in all directions. It’s activated by sound and motion and is equipped with facial recognition technology that can not only recognize familiar faces (or ones that aren’t) but it can also detect your emotion.

smart gadgets


This (slightly creepy) all-seeing eye can recognize when someone is happy or sad thanks to what the company calls its Emotionanalytics engine. The device is also equipped with speakers and a battery, should the device become unplugged.

30. TrackR

TrackR is a small GPS device about the size of a quarter that you can use to locate practically anything. The device connects to a smartphone app allowing users to use their phone to locate the chip. One of the devices can even be put in a car and so users can always remember where they parked.

smart gadgets

The chip can attach to keys, electronic gadgets or even a pet’s collar. TrackR is affordable and doesn’t require a monthly subscription like most GPS services do. The device also comes with double-sided tape which can be used to attach a TrackR to devices such as laptops should they get misplaced or stolen.

31. QWERTY Keypad Jeans

These pants were the making of a Dutch design student who shall remain nameless. The pants feature a full-size, fully-functional QWERTY keyboard, you know, for those times that you’re on the go and really need a keyboard.

smart gadgets

The Verge

The pants also include a handy mouse which is tethered to the side and kept conveniently in the back pocket. We’re kind of happy this didn’t become a thing. Just think of the awkwardness of touching yourself in inappropriate places in public while reaching for the ‘k’ button.

32. Sensorwake

The Sensorwake is a gadget designed to help you wake up in the mornings more easily with the use of aromatherapy. The alarm clock has a place to insert a scent cartridge which will disperse when it’s time to wake up.

smart gadgets

Toronto Star

Each cartridge lasts about two months with daily use, according to the company. Currently, the scents available are: espresso, chocolate, woods, cut grass, seaside or peppermint. User reviews are mostly favorable so it looks like it does what it says it does, although we haven’t seen any research backing up whether the technique is actually effective.

33. BodyBoss

The BodyBoss is a portable gym. It was designed to be a convenient and effective way to get in a work out every day without having to travel back and forth to the gym. Its compact size allows for it to be folded up and stored under a bed.

smart gadgets


The BodyBoss includes handles, straps, a workout bar, a door anchor and resistance bands. The package also includes workout programs and comes in three different colors: green, yellow and pink.

34. Retro-Bit Mega Table

The Retro-Bit Mega Table is not just an awesome coffee table; it’s also an enormous Nintendo controller. Why? We have no idea, but it looks really cool. The buttons on the table are fully functional and in true retro fashion, you have to plug it in with a cord.

smart gadgets

gizmo .cz

The table comes with a 10-ft. USB cord and is compatible with PCs, Macs and most gaming consoles. It also has detachable legs and is made from high-quality wood. The Retro-Bit Mega Table will set you back around $500.

35. Argus Wireless Security Camera

Getting security cameras for a home can cost you a small fortune and be impossible to install yourself. But what about wireless cameras that connect directly to a smartphone and are cheap and easy to setup? Argus wireless cameras can be placed anywhere (even outside) and capture HD video.

smart gadgets

The Telegraph/SMAhome

The cameras will set customers back only a fraction of what a home surveillance system would cost. They are also weatherproof and equipped with long lasting batteries, motion sensors and night vision. Protecting a home has never been easier.

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