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She Thought He Was Rapping During The Interview, So She Started Dancing And I Feel So Awkward For Her

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Some beats are just too good not to dance to, but most people don’t dance to someone who’s just talking…

A video of a woman dancing to a rapper simply answering a question (i.e. talking) has quickly gone viral and earned her instant legend status!

A Simple Interview Turned Into So Much More

Rapper Desiigner was attending the 2017 American Music Awards in Los Angeles when he was stopped for an interview by Jackson Wang, a member of the Hong-Kong K-pop group called Got7 and an interviewer for Chinese video-streaming website Youku.

Wang asked Desiigner to give a shout-out to his Chinese fans and apparently, Desiigner’s response was simply too good not to dance to!

She’s Got Some Serious Moves

The hilarity started with Wang asking Desiigner to say hello to the fans in Chinese, which is pronounced “nee-how.” Desiigner apparently didn’t hear him correctly and greeted them with an enthusiastic “wee-how” instead.

Then, as he spoke a rapid greeting to the Chinese fans, TV presenter Winnie Wenya misinterpreted it for a rap and started dancing, effectively becoming the best “hype (wo)man” in the business!

The Dancing Lady Explains

Wenya says that it’s very surreal that the video has gone viral, and that she hadn’t really even heard of Desiigner but started dancing “because his rhythm is just too good.”

“It was my first time attending the AMAs, and I was really excited because the red carpet felt like one giant party,” she said. “I hadn’t realized that my dancing looked so funny, and it was completely offbeat too! I need to practice.”

Offbeat or not, Wenya’s dancing turned an otherwise typical interview into a viral sensation with her moves.

Check out the video of the encounter below!

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