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Rapping Mom Spits Motherhood Rhymes And Goes Viral

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Watch out Jay-Z and Kanye West, the “rapping mom” Cali Daniels is grabbing the mic! This talented mother of three recently posted a hip-hop parody video that has earned over 12 million views, and once you hear it, you’ll understand why!

The Rapping Mom Is An Internet Sensation

Daniels is from a small town north of Dallas called Denison, and she recently performed a parody of hip-hop artist Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow,” a popular song that has enjoyed time on the Billboard Hot 100.

Cardi B’s version is not exactly children-appropriate, so Daniels took it upon herself to make her own version with lyrics that mothers all over the world can relate to.

Some of the lyrics touch on how she sets a good example for her kids and how she has no problem laying down the law and telling them “no.”

Kid-Friendly Lyrics That Mom’s Everywhere Love

“Little kids, you can’t mess with me, if you wanted to. Where you started from, I am the bottom — I gave birth to you,” Daniels rhymes in her video. “Hit the store, you can’t get ’em both. No, you gotta choose. And I’m quick…so don’t get comfortable.”

She raps these words from her vehicle with her three children present. Commenters love that Daniels’ keeps her “Bodak Mellow” lyrics PG and involves her kids in the performance.

“I don’t dance now, I make mommy moves. Say I ain’t got no bands, I make mommy moves,” continues Daniels’ rap. “If I don’t see you when I speak, that means I tuned out on you. I’m the boss, you’re more work, which I don’t got time to do. They think they going to say no to me, let’s find out and see. Bet it gets done by the time that I start to count to three.”

A Whole YouTube Channel Of Mommy Raps

Daniels has been publishing parody videos on YouTube for the past year. All of the raps center around motherhood and cover songs like Fetty Wap’s “Trap Queen” and Kevin Gates’ “Really Really.”

Her “Bodak Mellow” parody has definitely earned the most attention of all her raps, so make sure you check it out in the video below!

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