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Extremely Rare Biracial Twins Are Drop Dead Gorgeous At 18



Genetics and biology work in amazing ways, don’t they? The miracle of life is already incredible, and it seems to become more stunning with each new generation. When biracial parents have twins, there’s a chance that their youngsters will end up looking pretty different from each other.

That’s the case with young Lucy and Maria Aylmer. Read on for their story!


Preparing For Baby Number Four…

Expecting parents Donna and Vince Aylmer were preparing to welcome just one more child into their family, which would have brought them to a total of four little ones.

…And Ending Up With Five

The Aylmers were beyond excited, though, to learn that they were actually pregnant with a set of twins. Five little ones? They couldn’t wait!

Born In January 1997

The pair of girls were born in England on January 16, 1997. As if twins weren’t exciting enough already, these parents kept receiving surprise after surprise…


Two Baby Girls, Two Beautiful Colors

Lucy and Maria were born looking like each other, but not in a completely identical way. Vince is fully caucasian and Donna is half Jamaican, so they ended up making two babies with different skin tones!


Not Identical, But Close Enough

The two girls aren’t identical twins. They were produced from two separate eggs, so they each inherited different sets of genes from their parents.


Opposite Ends Of The Spectrum

“Our brothers and sisters have skin which is in between Maria and I,” Lucy told the Daily Mail. She explained that she and her twin sister are at “opposite ends of the spectrum” and that the rest of the kids are “somewhere in between.”


No More Matching, Mom!

By the time they turned seven years old, the twins had reached the end of their rope when it came to the matching outfits their mother loved to dress them in.


The Same, But Different

The twins have grown into gorgeous young women and have developed their own unique style preferences. They differ in other ways as well.

“I love meeting people,” Maria says. Lucy, on the other hand, remained more introverted as the girls grew up.


One Super Rare Pair

They’re a rare pair for sure. Dr. Angela Bianco of Mount Sinai Hospital explains:

“By virtue of chance,” she says, “one twin can inherit more DNA from a specific parent in contrast to its co-twin. That DNA can code or translate for things like skin color and eye color.”


Adorable And Incredible Science

Adorable twins and incredible science, right? The two girls are lucky to have each other and their loving family. They’re an example of the many rare and beautiful things that can happen in nature.


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