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These Rare Photos Show The Rarely Seen View Of Everyday Things

You often think you’ve seen every angle of an object. That’s where you’re wrong, because the world is full of excitement, and you haven’t seen everything yet. Take a look at five rare pictures of the inside views of common objects or places. Pay attention to the last one. It will blow your mind!

Inside A Guitar

This rare photo has surfaced on social media in recent years. It gives viewers a unique perspective of the inside of a guitar. Honestly, it looks more like a fancy, expensive apartment complex that we can’t afford. It looks like the “apartment” has a sky window, multiple doorways, and ceiling beams. We’re ready to move in!

OsamaBinBob via Reddit

A Whole World Backstage

When you attend a Broadway show or opera, you’re sitting in the audience without a care in the world about what’s going on behind the stage. This photo provides a new perspective on what the technical crew sees backstage. Think about this the next time you’re sitting in your seat before the opening number.

kiaall via Reddit

Inside The Leaning Tower

Have you ever wondered what the inside of the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy looks like? Is there anything inside? Pizza sauce, perhaps? You may be surprised to know that it’s empty. The tower will always be famous for its tilt and it’s definitely a tourist attraction. There’s nothing to see inside, though.

Wicked_Aviator via Reddit


This is what the inside of a bowling ball looks like if you were to crack it open. You’d hardly recognize the object! Hopefully, the person using it got a strike before choosing to crack the ball apart.

elmielmosong via Reddit

Trusting This With Your Life

This picture shows what a bungee cord looks like from the inside. It’s apparently made up of tons of smaller strands of rope tied together by multiple rubber bands. Would you trust this with your life, now that you know what’s inside the bungee cord?

-burntoast- via Reddit

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