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There’s A Real Jet Pack You’ll Probably Be Able To Own Soon

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to walk on the moon? How would you like the ability to slam dunk a basketball without even breaking a sweat?

Flying For Real

From as far back as Leonardo da Vinci, man has tried to invent things that would allow him to soar through the air like a bird. This remarkable new invention by a group of engineering students at the University of Tokyo might just get us one step closer to feeling the wind in our hair.

The device is called Lunavity. The concept behind Lunavity is that it will augment a person’s ability to jump, allowing him to jump higher and farther than is humanly possible. The device would also act as something of a hovercraft, allowing the operator to float as if they were in zero gravity conditions.

The Goal

“Our goal is to augment humans’ physical capabilities using a device you would carry around like a backpack,” explains Takumi Takahashi, project manager of the Lunavity project at the University of Tokyo. “Lunavity adjusts to a human’s natural movements making it possible to augment the wearer’s jumping ability without changing their jumping movement.”

“However, it doesn’t just augment jumping ability but supports the body, giving a feeling of lightness to the wearer,” Takahashi said. “To us, human augmentation is not just something to overcome people’s handicaps but something that helps humans gain abilities completely new to man.”

The Future Today

The Lunavity definitely looks like something straight out of science fiction. It’s a backpack that has an umbrella of powerful drone type rotors designed to keep the user afloat.

The designers think that Lunavity could have a variety of uses, everywhere from helping the physically challenged to creating new types of sports. They even point out that there would be no need for crosswalks if everyone had a Lunavity. We could just jump right over traffic. Sign me up!

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