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Five People Who Have Real-Life Superpowers

There’s a reason so many movies, TV shows, stories and comic books focus on people with superpowers. Most of us want powers of our own. We dream of flying like Superman or having super strength like The Hulk. But it’s a fantasy, right? Wrong! There are people who actually have superpowers. Read on to see who they are and what they can do.

Super Speed

Isao Machii from Japan has reflexes that are so fast and precise, he can cut a bb pellet shot out of a gun in half with his sword! The moving bb pellet moves at about 98 mph and he currently holds the world record. That kind of speed really does rival Superman!

Number Genius

There are two amazing people who have a superpower for numbers. Shakuntala Devi from India can do any mathematical calculation in her head. Her ability includes calculating cube roots and can be rivaled by any computer. Scott Flansburg has the super power of racing a calculator and winning! He holds a world record for beating the machine by 15 seconds! You definitely want this duo in your math class.

Musical Groove

An American physicist, Arthur Lintgen, has the super ability to read vinyl records. He can tell what music is on the record and the volume of the music simply by looking at the grooves. A useful skill for those records with worn off labels. Record player? Who needs it? Not him.

Bionic Vision

Move over Bionic Woman Jaime Sommers, there’s a new bionic woman in town. Veronica Seider has twenty times better vision than the perfect 20/20. That’s 2/20. She can see over a mile away, which can match any bird of prey. To show her superpower, she read a 20 line poem off of a piece of paper no bigger than her thumbnail. Wow!

Rainbow Vision

Concetta Antico has the superhuman ability to see way more colors than any of us can see. The average human can see about one million colors and shades, but Concetta can see about ninety-nine million. This superpower may not aid in stopping villains, but it sure serves her well. She’s an artist!

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved