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All Seemed Normal Until Reality Swooped In And Handed Out These Hilarious Life Fails

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Sometimes it seems that no matter how prepared we are, the universe as a whole is determined to throw us a curveball. In one moment everything can feel so great, but right as you’re about to celebrate, reality comes barging in and begins handing out life fails. Read on for some of the best examples of life fails taking an extra hilarious turn.

1. Good Bath Gone Bad

After a stressful day on the job, there is nothing like a relaxing bath to help you unwind and feel refreshed. Unfortunately, Twitter’s @Michaelacoletta wasn’t going to get that much-needed break. Right as she was ready to let those frustration melt away, they doubled as her shower head broke off the wall and sprayed water in all directions.

Bath Life Fails


We have a feeling that it’s going to be a few days before she gets that much-needed bath. It’s all going to be showers until then. Sure, a shower does the job, but you aren’t exactly having moments of serenity with a constant flow of water crashing down on you.

2. Spider’s Last Stand

Reddit user Lugozi posted this picture of a spider that had clearly had enough of exterminations. While we don’t have all the facts, the bug spray being so openly displayed by Lugozi’s DVD collection says a lot. He’s probably used to seeing spiders in his apartment on a frequent basis and handles them with his trusty can of Mortein. 

Spider Spray Life Fails


While most insects flee for the shadows when spotted, this spider was one brave soul. He seemingly decided to take a stand against this human and talk things through. Surely the spiders are willing to share the living space, so why not Lugozi? While we’d love to think that this was the beginning of some coexisting utopia, it likely wasn’t.

3. Go On, Take The Phone

Talk about a field trip gone bad. Usually, we go to the zoo and expect to have a pretty decent time. You get to see some exotic animals and maybe get a bag of popcorn or cotton candy. Sadly, this isn’t the case for everyone, and this Reddit post by user PraxAttacks pretty much proves it.

Gator Phone Life Fails


She took to social media to share that her friend’s phone had accidentally fallen into the alligator pit. She was probably expecting the phone to go unscathed, but reptiles aren’t clueless. The sly gator immediately took the phone up in its jaws. Just look into that gator’s eye. He’s basically saying, “Go on, take the phone. I dare you.” We’re guessing that she didn’t take that dare.

4. We’re Sinking!

When you and your friends set out on that dream vacation, you feel free to be wild and do whatever your heart desires. But sometimes get too out of hand, and Physnics’ post on Reddit can attest to that. Caught up in the hype of being on foreign soil, they decided to take their rental van where no rental van was meant to be…the beach!


Their unruly adventurous side had to be left behind and they were forced to become responsible adults again once their rental began sinking in the sand. We tend to picture quicksand as existing only in those old zany Hollywood adventure films — but apparently it’s very, very real!

5. Some Instructions Required

Even for adults, washing machines can be quite complicated to understand. Sometimes one needs to reread the instructions a couple times to fully understand how to make a single wash. Some people don’t have the patience for that. They’ll gladly pour in an entire box of tide, toss in their clothes, and hope for the best.

Bubbles Life Fails


In this picture posted to Reddit, MKIS101010 showed us the terrifying result of a laundry detergent overload. We have no idea where this family’s washing machine was located, but the huge amount of soap seemed to have climbed through their living room, right through their front door and onto their lawn.

6. Through The Roof!

Someone made a bad turn while playing Jumanji. This topsy-turvy scene seems utterly surreal, like it’s straight out of a comedy film, but in reality, was probably far less amusing. Having the misfortune to literally fall through the roof isn’t going to ruin just one day, but more likely a few. 

Roof Fall Life Fails


Reddit user JaCobra789 went on a routine visit to his aunt’s house and this was the first thing he saw: his uncle’s legs just casually dangling through the ceiling. No question, this old fella’s quaint Sunday has just been marked with ruin. Hopefully, the termites in his wall won’t mistake him for a piece of wood.

7. Some Dangerous Eats

A burnt dinner certainly has a way of turning your night around. You had such an epic meal planned, but suddenly everything has to be scrapped for a sub-par burger from a fast food joint. Yet when it comes to burning your food, Voxv’s picture from Reddit takes things to a whole other level.

Cooking Life Fails


She must have left that potato in there for more than a few hours, because it looks like something out of the movie Backdraft. While her night was no doubt bad, it could have been a lot worse if she would have taken a bite out of that monstrosity or even touched it with her bare hands. That crispy vegetable is burning brighter than Rudolph’s red nose.

8. Not-So-Sweet 16

Looks like this young lady’s 16th year isn’t taking off to a sweet start. Reddit user Pot4DMasses documented the exact moment that her Sweet Sixteenth birthday party turned sour. The all-too-familiar “Happy Birthday” tune was likely being sung by her loved ones as her mom and dad appeared with this beautiful birthday cake. It was at that moment that the invisible hand of life came and smacked the cake to the floor.

Birthday Cake Life Fails


With a gleam of hope, the mom was captured reaching out for the cake someone had labored over, but it was too late. Meanwhile, the father seems as chill as ever. Seen just standing there with what appears to be a cup of soda, he was apparently completely unfazed by the falling cake.

9. Prankster Postman

The mail system as a whole can be quite a hassle. Rarely does mail ever come on time, and sometimes it never arrives at all. In the case of large packages, they can easily get lost in the system forever or show up damaged. One person is usually receives the brunt of the blame for all of this, and that’s your “friendly” neighborhood mailman.

Postal Life Fails


Reddit user KrunchyKoala documented exactly the kind of antics that we’re talking about. She went to her mailbox to retrieve a parcel, and somehow the mailman managed to impossibly shove the large package into her tiny mailbox. Getting it out was definitely going to be a headache. 

10. Cruel In-tent-ions

Anyone who knows the joys of English weather will be hip to the fact that even in the summertime it can be pretty cold and windy. A Reddit user by the name of hawkwandd posted a picture that’s a true testament to that delightful climate. It shows a man in Glastonbury chasing after his tent, which was snatched by the wind and blown into the sky.

Tent Life Fails


This just goes to show that everyone should weigh down their tent with something heavy, especially when England happens. Hopefully, this man’s wife and kids didn’t happen to be in there at the time. Next thing you know, they’ll probably find that they’ve landed somewhere in Narnia (or at least in Ireland).

11. Just A Snip

Everyone has found themselves wrestling with these annoying tightly-sealed plastic packages at one time or another. If you don’t have a knife or pair of scissors handy, you’ll spend a frustrating ten minutes mercilessly nibbling away at the packaging, slowly winning your way to the prize inside. Sure, these packages prevent thievery, but they’ve definitely done a number on our nerves.

Packaging Life Fails


Reddit user ThavinceGene was no stranger to these plastic packages and decided to have a pair of scissors on hand just for this buy. From the looks of things, he cut into the package a little too eagerly and went right through the USB cable. Bad move, dude: no one wants to have to go back into a packed store to re-buy an item that they just bought.

12. A Circle And A Square

Reddit user AasNGNu posted a picture of a U-Haul truck jammed inside a tunnel and gleefully wrote that he had been waiting for this moment for years. We can’t help but wonder who this driver was. Perhaps it was his or her first time in town and they just didn’t see the warning signs concerning the tunnel.

U-Haul Life Fails


However, we’re inclined to believe that this was a daring U-Haul driver. They wanted to get everything moved into their new home as soon as possible, and didn’t mind cutting corners to do so. Forget about going the long way around, they were going to take that chance. Unfortunately, it ended up royally back-firing on them.

13. Bad Phone Day

These days, a broken phone can seriously stop time for some people. Vladrichdemochant posted to Imgur a cringe-worthy picture of his phone lodged into his bike chain. One might expect a few scratches to the screen, but his phone was unquestionably wrecked. He didn’t give much of a description about the actual happenings, but our imagination goes a long way.

Life Fails Phone Bike


We can just see him rushing down the road, looking down at his maps app and then…disaster. Whether he was on his way to a job interview or an unfamiliar venue, we’re certain this phone mishap saw him back-tracking all the way home — or at least to his nearest Apple store.

14. Totally Not A Costume Party

Reddit user “fritzf” posted this hilarious picture, and it really captures how hard it can be to adapt in a foreign country. This guy had just moved to Germany and was invited to a blue and green party. For some reason, he took this to mean it was a costume party. Unfortunately, he couldn’t have been more wrong. 

Ninja Turtle Life Fails


Dressing up as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, this guy probably thought that he was going to be rocking the best costume at the party. However, when he got there, it turned out that he was the only one wearing a costume. While some people would freak out and head for home, he stayed and took it in stride. He looks so relaxed wearing that turtle suit that he actually manages to make it look pretty cool.

15. Powdered Pooch

Docsexy posted to Reddit this adorable picture of her dog with a splash of flour decorating her face. This poor canine was just traipsing around following her beloved owner, when suddenly flour was swept off the counter and right onto her face. This likely means a bath, and we all know how much dogs hate baths.

Dog Flour Life Fails


While the idea of flour on a dog’s face is a laugh riot, the reason this picture is an absolute gem is the dog’s expression. While on the one hand, she looks a bit perplexed, there’s definitely a sassy side to this lady. Clearly, she’s upset over her fur coat getting damaged and she’s going to make sure her owner hears about it.

16. Look ‘Ma, A New Trick

Dogs can be pretty clever and sneaky when they want to be. Sure, they’ll be on their best behavior in the presence of their owner. However, the minute their human has left the building, all the rules are suddenly breakable. They’ll start off small by chewing up a shoe and eventually head for the trash can. They’ll get yelled at, but big deal, that’s nothing that a cute puppy guilt face can’t get around.

Doggy Life Fails


Reddit’s litnicky261 posted this picture of when her day took a sudden turn, when she came home to her dog completely surrounded by a mess. This must not have been any normal dog though, as he somehow managed to slip back into his cage before his owner got home. Judging from his smiling face, we’d say that this dog is pretty proud of himself.

17. The Ladder That Was Up To No Good

It’s already unfortunate enough to have to climb onto the roof on a hot summer day, but you’re definitely down on your luck when your ladder takes it upon itself to tumble to the ground. Sonnet155 took to Reddit with this picture that captured just that kind of luck.

Ladder Life Fails


We have no idea how this Reddit user got down from the roof. Did he scream for help or did the sweltering sun push him to take his chances with a one story jump? Hopefully, a passing neighbor got a load of his situation and set up the ladder. That said, there is a pretty decent chance Sonnet155 is still on that roof waiting.

18. Share With The Seagull

It looks like Twitter user youngweonhi was having a pretty good day, at first. She was hanging at the beach in the sunshine, when she decided to double the greatness factor by getting a pretty impressive ice cream cone. Just as she was about to enjoy this chocolatey delight, a predator from up above spotted her.

Seagull Life Fails


Throwing all caution and hesitation to the wind, this determined pest of the sky took a dive for the cone. Just like that, the ice cream was sabotaged, leaving the final score Seagulls 1, Humans 0. If anything, at least she got to tweet this amazing picture, catching the culprit red-handed (or is it red-beaked?).

19. Need A Lift?

Reddit’s Muh4 caught this picture on the road and had to share its full glory with the masses. First and foremost, we have to wonder how on Earth this happened. Was the car owner unable to call a regular tow truck? Regardless, it has to be one enormous shock to see your car unceremoniously jammed into a mysterious white van and driven away. 

Car Life Fails


However, maybe things are actually quite different here. Perhaps this played out like some kind of action scene from a Hollywood movie. Picture if you will, a high speed chase going wrong. We’re talking an under construction freeway ramp, a daring jump and a smooth landing into the back of this white van.

20. Locked Up

Reddit user Plungerbot woke up and found himself locked into an uncomfortable situation. Apparently, his roommate took a pranking war too far and fastened this guy’s bike lock around his neck. In most cases, this would be all fun and games, but apparently Plungerbot had a job interview that morning and his roommate left the apartment with the key.

Bike Lock Life Fails


That left Plungerbot with two options: he could either skip the interview and try to reschedule it or he could rock that lock with pride and hope for the best. We’d be all for the second option. While it might be embarrassing, the lock could have played well in his favor. He’d definitely be a memorable applicant and if the company valued a sense of humor as they’d get an instant look into his persevering personality.

21. Truly Mightier Than The Sword

When you’ve got an itch that sorely needs to be addressed, few things can be more enjoyable than taking a pen to scratch it — provided you’ve retracted the nib, of course. In most cases, you get rid of that itch and get on with your day. This definitely wasn’t the case of Reddit user Godazzip. He scratched an itch and had to live with the consequences.

Pen Life Fails


The man forgot to unclick his pen before going for that scratch, and then committed this atrocity on his poor pants. Not only did he ruin an expensive pair of jeans, but he’d have to walk around all day with this amateur Jackson Pollock replica all over him.

22. Spit Shine

If you throw or flick a bunch of small things out the window of a moving car, a few of them will inevitably end up back inside with you. A Reddit user named dobbyisafreepup posted a picture of someone definitely learning the hard way. This dad was spitting sunflower seeds out of the front window, and those clever little seeds found their way back in through the back window and right onto his daughter’s face.

Sunflower Seed Life Fails


If she were a little older and conscious, this would definitely be enough to whip her into a fury. Not only was she getting seeds thrown at her throughout the entire ride, but they had already been chewed. Yuck! We’re hoping that somebody did her the favor of wiping them off of her before waking her up.

23. Not Exactly The Dream Wedding

We’re guessing that when this bride was planning her wedding, she never had imagined a scenario where her own wedding limo would get stuck! Although, frankly, who on Earth could predict that this sort of thing would happen to them just before one of the biggest moments in their lives?

wedding life fails


Suddenly, the groom’s happiest hour has turned into a day of work, as he and some of the guests were compelled to get out and push their stranded limo. While unpleasant at the time, this will definitely be something to remember in the years to come. We have to thank Reddit user bkmgtpe for capturing this Kodak moment for us.

24. Did I Do That?

Reddit user Morphie posted a picture that looks like it was taken directly from a Looney Tunes cartoon. How would one even react upon seeing a piano smashed through the roof of their car? It’s so out of this world, like something from a cartoon or a comedy sketch.

Piano Life Fails


This guy just went from owning a car to standing at a bus stop in a matter of seconds. The most puzzling thing about this photo is that the car is in the middle of a parking lot. Just how did this piano find its way on top of this car? Assuming there’s no nearby window, it looks as if a piano fell right out of thin air.

25. Paint Princess

NeedmoreXanax posted a picture on Reddit of his Home Depot workmate positively drenched in paint. From the looks of things, this young lady looks like she’s surprisingly content with the situation. Perhaps in any other setting, it’d send you packing and going home, but getting dirty is pretty much the name of the game when working at Home Depot.

painting life fails


However, if she had any plans at the end of the work day, we’re pretty certain they’ll have to be cancelled. That kind of paint doesn’t easily wash off the skin, and sometimes it leaves a stain that can take days to fade away. She may not be so annoyed in this photo, but hopefully next time her co-workers will have the sense to use a roller-brush, not a human!

Sources: Boredpanda, Twentytwowords

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