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The Real Reason Why People Find Kittens So Adorable

Kittens are just about the cutest animals on the planet. They’re tiny, cuddly, and super soft. While plenty of us have gone googly-eyed over these furry friends, how many of you have actually wondered why we find these little creatures so darn cute? Luckily, science has come to save the day with a couple of explanations as to why we find kittens so stinkin’ adorable.

Fun, Furry Felines

The first reason why people find kittens so irresistibly cute is because of their soft fur. Sure, other animals have fur too, but nevertheless, the reason we find them cuter than the likes of snakes and spiders is due to their furriness. Honestly, who can resist petting a cuddly, little kitten?

It All Goes Back To Grooming

As humans, we actually love to pet kittens so much because of our genes. Humans are still part of the primate order, and primates are very accustomed to grooming. While today’s social standards don’t necessarily allow for humans to groom each other, we definitely love to pet our soft, furry friends.

All Eyes For Kittens

Humans also can’t get enough of kittens because we feel the need to protect them. Some scientists believe even just looking at a kitten hijacks a neurological response in our brain which causes us to care for them so deeply. This immediate response is sparked by something you’d never guess.

They Look Like Us

The response is due to the fact that we think kittens look like little, baby versions of us. The proportion of their big heads and shiny eyes to their tiny little bodies reminds us of human babies. In fact, the more an animal looks like a human baby, the more attractive and loveable it becomes in our eyes.

We Can’t Get Enough

The soft, cuddly fur matched with those cute, sparkling eyes is enough to set us over the edge into complete cuteness overload. Not that any of this information is all that surprising. Of course we love kittens because they’re super soft and they have cute little faces. Those are their best features!

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved