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The Delicious Reason You Should Stop Throwing Your Pasta Water Down The Drain

Everyone has different methods they use to cook. Of course, there are some standard rules. However, many of these common practices aren’t the best way to do things. If you ask a professional chef, they will likely tell you that you’re doing everything wrong. If you want to elevate your cooking methods to their standards, try following this one simple tip.

Save Your Pasta Water

If you’ve ever cooked pasta before, you know that you need to drain it. The most common way of doing this is by using a colander or strainer. You simply pour the pot of pasta into it, letting the water run down the sink.


You really should stop doing this! There are much better uses for the water that you are just throwing out. Instead, use tongs to retrieve your pasta. Set aside the water for later.

Make Amazing Food

Chefs have been saving their pasta water for years. What do they use it for, though? Well, they actually add it to their pasta sauce.

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By using about a ladle full of pasta water in your sauce, you can improve its consistency and taste. The starch left over from the noodles will help spark emulsification. This allows oil and water to stick together, preventing puddling.

Avoid Common Mistakes

Under absolutely no circumstance should you use a pot that is too small for your pasta.¬†While the water might initially boil faster, it will cause issues in the long run. Once you add the pasta, it will take too long to return back to boiling. This will ruin your pasta’s consistency.

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Do not add oil to your pasta, as it will make it greasy. Do add a lot of salt to your water. You won’t end up ingesting it. Instead, you’ll simply prevent your dish from being too slimy.

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