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Gloriously Recreated Childhood Photos That Will Warm Your Heart

childhood photos recreated

Looking back at childhood photos can be bittersweet. It’s a glimpse of a simpler past, back before we had to face the burdens of adulthood. It was back when we didn’t have to pay rent or even know what the heck a mortgage was – back when backyard basketball and video games reigned supreme. Oh, how things change. On the bright side, though, change can also be good, and some things never change at all! Luckily, people today are able to recreate their childhood photos with the help of technology – providing not only for a nostalgic trip down memory lane, but endless entertainment and enjoyment. That being said, you won’t want to miss these hilarious childhood photos reenacted by their subjects as adults.

1. These Boots Were Made For Pouting

The wonderful thing about little kids is that they’re wild and free – unconstrained by social norms or a need to protect their image. They just see the world in a different light. The original childhood photo of the girl on the left illustrates that point absolutely perfectly.

childhood photos

How could you not love the look? A white muscle-shirt complimented by a defiant look and her dad’s boots, which appear just a tad too big, embody the childhood spirit better than words could. The woman’s glorious recreation photo is noteworthy for two reasons. First, it appears her lips and chin couldn’t have changed less. Second, those are some darn durable boots!

2. Sunday Best

Judging from dad’s baggy suit and fat tie, the photo on the left was taken sometime in the 1990s. Ah, what a period it was. The photo is so adorable that it’s no wonder they came up with the idea of recreating the childhood photo in modern times.

childhood photo

This family sure did pay impeccable attention to detail in their redo photo. Everything from the boys’ clothing to the father’s tie color – and even the youngest boy’s annoyed expression – are perfectly on point. OK, maybe the youngest kid didn’t quite get his outfit right. But how could he be expected to find a pair of toddler overalls big enough to fit him? We’d give them a big ‘ol A for effort!

3. Baby In A Basket

Babies and domestic pets alike have rather tiring tendency of climbing into bags, baskets and pretty much, wherever they can fit. The adorable little girl on the left demonstrated as such, and luckily someone was there to capture the priceless moment on camera.

childhood photos

It’s unclear whether the precious baby learned this hilarious behavior or came up with the idea herself. What’s clear is it was a moment worth recreating, and the now-grown woman went all in. She’s wearing the same color sweater, white pants and posing in the same room. She even made the bed the same way and managed to pick up a larger olive-green laundry basket!

4. Mud-Slinging

This one is a real gem, and for a very specific reason. And that reason is, the photo on the right doesn’t even look like it was intentionally orchestrated! Getting covered in mud at some kind of a lake during a family vacation isn’t such an unlikely event for four adult men.

childhood photo


They could have been mud-wrestling, for all we know. After all, the more recent photo doesn’t appear to have been shot in the original setting, but we could stand corrected. In the photo on the left, the four bros look like they’re standing in sand, whereas the setting is grassier in the newer one. Nonetheless, it’s a pretty spot-on recreation – just look at the positioning of the person in the distance. Coincidence?

5. Throwback Broback

Some things are just so ’90s that it’s impossible to deny it. The green and purple dragon costume the little man on the left is wearing, for example, is likely something most who lived through the age of the Internet revolution have come across more than once.

childhood photos

All in all, the kids did a great job recreating this one. It’s unclear whether the dragon costume was modeled after the childhood favorite Puff, the Magic Dragon or of a more generic fire-breather. What’s for certain is these boys were incredibly accurate not only with the fun vestige but with their poses and expressions. Talk about the memory that lasts forever.

6. ‘Back To The Future’

This childhood recreation photo is a professional one. No, that’s not an exaggeration. International photographer Irina Werning, known for her “Back to the Future” photography series, helped this woman recreate this “purr-fect” childhood moment. As you can see, the cat from the original picture was no longer around when it came time for a reenactment. But the adorable little thing in the recreation seems to do the trick.

childhood photos


Werning is particularly detail-oriented. Not only does she shoot the photos herself, but she provides the props and chooses the locations for the shoots. If you can believe it, she even creates the costumes herself. “Every detail, every button, everything,” she told Daily Mail.

7. ‘Indispenser-able’ Family Members

This group of brothers took an adorable childhood photo with their favorite gumball dispenser. Today, it has an old-school, even retro look to it. The youngest brother wearing a sweater with a train on it, the oldest rocking suspenders and the middle child in a cute tucked-in polo proves that kids can get away with wearing almost anything.

childhood photos

Bored Panda

And and seen in the brothers’ recreated childhood memory, those same styles of clothing are extremely entertaining when donned by grown men. There is one very important question here, though. Are the gumballs in the dispenser originals, or did they get updated too?

8. When You Never Stop Believing in Santa

Who could be more excited for Christmas than the little boy on the left? He’d apparently been a good boy all year, and was just about to tell Santa what he wanted to see under his tree when he woke up on Christmas day. And it appears the boy who would grow up to be a cartoonist got what he asked for – even if it didn’t really come from the bearded man in the red suit.

childhood photos

Twitter/Travis Jones

Travis Jones must have received even more gifts than he asked for throughout the years, because he never stopped believing in Santa Claus. Jones loved this childhood photo so much that he and his brother decided to recreate it as a gift to their mom. A happy holiday indeed!

9. Sister Stack

Today, many of us have become accustomed to seeing children rocking the same kind of trendy fashions many adults wear. Timberlands, Chuck Taylors, Jordans – you name it, the youngins these day have a tendency of being stylish beyond their years. So it’s refreshing to look back at childhood photos from years gone-by, when kids still dressed like kids.

childhood photo recreated

Okayno Club

Check out these four adorable sisters in their childhood photo on the left! The pastel color coordination and pencils shirts are the epitome of what it meant to be a child in the ’80s and ’90s. In the incredible recreation on the right, the second-youngest sister on the far right seems to have overtaken her oldest sister in height! It’s amazing how that works, isn’t it?

10. Baby In A Headlight

A necessary part of recreating a childhood photo is getting the adorable kiddie outfits down pat, or at least wearing something similar enough to the eye. But there is a great deal of acting to it as well, and these three brothers absolutely nailed it.

childhood photo


They’re all gazing out into the distance as if they’re being presented with the biggest chocolate cake the world has ever seen. If that cake were real, the brother on the right would certainly take it for his acting performance. Even as an adult, he hit the nail on the head with his hilarious recreation of the expression. It just goes to show, no matter how many years pass by, people can still stay the same as they were from the get-go.

11. Childhood Buddies

Sometimes when we grow older and develop our own personalities and interests, we also grow apart from childhood friends who might no longer share a taste for the same things or lifestyles. Kudos for this group of gals for staying together and recreating their adorable childhood photo!

childhood photo


This group of charming young ladies must have spent a few summers together at the beach as kids, eating popsicles and building sandcastles. It might be true that this time around on the shore might have been different for them – parties and beach reads were surely on the agenda! Good for them for doing those things together, though.

12. Like Father, Like Daughter

This is a special one. It’s not easy to graduate college and earn that ever-so-valuable piece of paper, and it’s even tougher for a parent who has another mouth – or more – to feed. The photo on the left shows dad on graduation day with his young daughter, proudly donning his graduation cap.

childhood photo


In most cases, the photo recreation is even better than the original. That certainly applies here, as the daughter hilariously holds her dad, who far outsizes her in the original. This time, the daughter is the one to graduate, and her dad is as proud as can be! Sure, it’s likely a different college based on the colors. But the punk theme didn’t go unnoticed – a studded belt on the left, and a pair of Chuck Taylors on the right. Well done!

13. Quite The Load

Everyone likes looking back on old photos. It’s one of those guilty pleasures we can’t resist – along with watching uncountable YouTube videos and endlessly scrolling on social media. One of the biggest genre of childhood photos is the inevitable family vacation photo. Mom must have taken the photo on the left when the kids jumped into their father’s arms at the beach when they were still little enough to be carried to bed.

childhood photo

Ben Edwards/Twitter

As for the photo on the right, well, there are two noteworthy things about it. Firstly, dad didn’t seem to age much. Good for him. Secondly, it appears that he’s stayed in great beach shape as he can still lift his two offspring. One can only hope he didn’t drop his two grown-up children right after the photo was snapped!

14. Older Sibling Syndrome?

Apart from the obvious – that the picture on the left is a heart-warming childhood photo of a boy holding his baby brother, it’s unclear what exactly was happening when it was snapped. Was the older boy skeptical of his newborn baby bro?

childhood photos

Was he unprepared or overwhelmed by the responsibility of becoming an older brother? Both are possible, but it’s also highly likely the poor kid just hadn’t figured out how to smile yet! While the recreation on the right doesn’t answer those questions, it’s quite an impressive representation of what happened in the original. If you got a kick out of the amusing recreated childhood photos so far, you won’t want to miss what’s to come.

15. T-Rex Tots

We all know kids do the darndest things. And while parents today have smart phones at their fingertips to document every little thing their children do, that wasn’t the case 20-plus years ago. Just imagine the joy on this parent’s face after capturing their little boy and girl prancing around the house like diapered dinosaurs.

childhood photo

Despite the years, it appears that these two didn’t loose their affinity for goofy antics. And we’re sure glad they found the adorable childhood photo and decided to enhance our day by recreating the silly scene. The beauty of it all? We’re certain the photo made for perfect Instagram fodder. We’d sure give it a like!

16. Buddy Ole’ Pal

It’s hard to keep in touch with friends as you grow older. Between work, family and reading articles like these, your hands are full. Often, it seems a wonder we have time to see our friends at all. That’s why it’s so touching when childhood friends keep in close touch throughout the years, and then make gems like this.

childhood photos

The original photo of these two little guys shows them in elementary school – and what style they have! It wonderfully portrays a personality contrast that perhaps embodies the dynamic duo’s friendship. As if the original wasn’t adorable enough, take a look at how similar their recreation is! Well, with the exception of their changed hair color, it’s practically like seeing double…quadruple?

17. An Iconic Transformation

Pangs of sadness are common sentiments that can accompany looking at childhood photos. These images offer a window into simpler times – back when we were all innocent and life wasn’t quite as complicated. But change isn’t always a bad thing, as this picture proves.

childhood photo

This man was a child before the Berlin Wall separating East and West Germany was torn down in 1991. Clearly, he wasn’t a big fan. In the recreation of his childhood photo, the man is seen wearing a remarkably similar denim jacket, the same color jeans and similar shoes. The difference is that the oppressive wall is long gone. This snap perfectly captures the various kinds of changes that come with time.

18. Can You Spot The New Family Member?

We all need our parents – even when we grow up. And when a man’s relationship with his father only grows closer, it’s a beautiful thing. This dad was clearly an important role model to his son from a young age, as the childhood photo on the left so beautifully illustrates.

childhood photo

Even though he undoubtedly worked long, hard hours to provide for his family, it appears the man still made time to kick around the soccer ball with his son. And just look at the two standing side-by-side, nearly 60 years later. Can you spot the new additions to the home, and to the family?

19. Honey, I Shrunk The Bowl

Here’s another instance of a child adorably climbing (or being placed) into a household appliance that wasn’t meant for him. Of course, the little guy probably didn’t realize it at the time. By the composed look on his face, he fancied himself an adventurer, discovering his surroundings and conquering the kitchen counter.

childhood photos

While that counter might look almost identical to the average observer in the recreation photo – housing the same clock, mixing bowl, pot and what appears to be a bottle of canola oil – it sure as heck had to look different to the photo’s subject than it did in ’95. And there’s no way that bowl is quite as comfortable as he remembered!

20. The Airplane Game Isn’t Easy Anymore

Did anyone else enjoy playing the “airplane game” as a kid? It’s amazing how brave children are, as many adults might find the prospect of being propped up in the air by someone’s feet terrifying – or maybe it’s the weight factor? Yes, it’s probably that.

childhood photo


In any case, this childhood photo is one for the books. The recreation on the right highlights more than just the fact that the game gets harder with age (like most things). No longer does the family house have the wall-to-wall carpet that was so popular in the ’90s, or the slap-brush finished ceiling. One thing is for sure, the joy of the game still remains.

21. Bangs And Beards

There are two kinds of humans that can pull off overalls. They are farmers and little kids – with few exceptions. To their credit, the two children on the left rock those things like Channing Tatum in a muscle shirt. The childhood photo certainly warranted a recreation.

childhood photos

The two gentlemen on the right did a great job picking out adult overalls and a background similar to the original. Indeed, they might count as an exception to the overalls rule. This is certainty one of the most entertaining examples of brotherly love out there. Only one question remains, though. Were their crops done specifically for this photo shoot, or have they been like that throughout the years?

22. A Growing Bundle Of Love

The thing about photos recreated from childhood is that the side-by-side images remind us just how much everything has change over time. While it’s always touching to watch two siblings grow older together and still remain close. In this case, one of the brothers isn’t a human, but a cuddly little puppy who grew into a big dog as his owner became a man.

childhood photo


While the pooch here clearly looks bigger in the photo on the right, the only thing that seems to have changed in his owner is the hair situation. The beard and long hair certainly suit him! It just goes to show that the bond between human and dog can be as deep as any other. Don’t miss the last couple of remarkable childhood photo recreations, read on!

23. Golden Hair… Everywhere

When a kid has a problem with his siblings, the typical response from his parents is along the lines of “that’s too bad, you’re family.” And while it is true that some siblings lose touch with each other as they get older, some siblings really do stay attached at the hip throughout it all!

childhood photos

These brothers, for example, are living proof of this phenomenon. They’re also proof of the powerful effect that facial hair has on a man’s appearance. Even with the massive beards on the two brothers on the right and stubble on the left brother, the recreation of their childhood photo is simply glorious.

24. Hulkmania For Life

This is a truly special one, not only for the men in the photo, but for wrestling fans the world over. No, this young boy isn’t Hulk Hogan’s son or relative – just a fan lucky enough to have met the wrestling icon as a kid. And, it appears, as an adult too!

childhood photo

In both photos, the man is grinning the biggest grin imaginable as Hogan has him trapped in his signature headlock. The beautiful part of the childhood photo recreation on the right is that Hogan seems even more enthusiastic than the first time around! This one will definitely make for some great memories.

25. Family Trip Revisited

Schools all over America – especially schools in the Washington, D.C. metro area – make field trips to the nation’s capital every year. It’s a special and important trip that provides kids with the opportunity to see the city they read about in their history books and see in movies. And in a country as big as America, it’s not a given that everyone has had the opportunity.

childhood photo

Though unclear whether these kids were on a school or family trip to Washington, it appears they enjoyed it so much that they returned to recreate their childhood photo as adults! There they are, standing proudly and donning similar clothing as they wore in the original, with the Capitol towering over them in the background. Good for these young Americans!

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