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Reddit Users Are Sharing These Mind Blowing Life Hacks That Everyone Should Know About

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1. Almost everyone has been there, struggling while trying to maneuver a huge bucket to fit into a shallow sink. But those days are over. Just grab a dust pan. Problem solved.

bucket hack


2. It is a grade-A tragedy to run out of AA batteries right at the moment when they are most needed. But it does not have to be. Instead, use some AAA batteries and a little bit of aluminum foil.

life hack


3. The greatest DIY life hack since sliced bread. Turning a slotted toaster on its side creates the world’s most perfect pizza toaster. An easy way to heat pizza is no longer a “pie in the sky” idea.

life hack


4. On a hot summer day, there is nothing as refreshing as an ice cold soda and a run through a sprinkler. Don’t have a sprinkler? Well, guzzle down that soda, poke a few holes in it, and get some tape.

life hack


5. In the age-old competitive challenge of “how many of these grocery bags can we bring in without hurting ourselves,” this broom-wielding man has officially won. That’s it. The rest of us can all go home.

life hacks


6. Having a broken flip flop is definitely a flop. And in the summer it seems like everyone has been there. But one Reddit user has been able to solve this problem with a life hack that includes something as simple as a paper clip.

life hack


7. Pot, meet iron. One genius Reddit user posted this quick life hack for anyone who has gone for too long without an iron. Just boil some water in a pot, place it over the wrinkly clothing, and watch the magic unfold.

life hack


8. A public restroom without a properly working lock can make a bathroom a little too public. But this life hack eliminates the bathroom based anxiety, and keeps anyone’s private time a little more private.

life hack


9. Dropping a book into the bathtub can easily turn a moment of relaxation into a scary story. This life hack might not be the oldest trick in the book, but it works. Just attach a hook and a retractable leash, and the rest writes itself.

life hacks


10. This genius Reddit user solved the problem of a loose pant zipper by attaching it to a key ring and looping it around a pant button. Once the button is closed, no one will know it is there.

life hack


11. There are two things Americans love: avocados and beverage koozies. And this life hack caters to both of those loves. According to one Reddit user, putting a hard avocado in a koozie ripens it in less than a day.

life hacks


12. Why is it that hotel curtains never seem to be able to close all the way? We might not ever know the answer to this age old question, but now we know a solution. Grab a pant hanger (usually provided by the hotel) and enjoy the darkness.

life hacks


13. Carving out holes in ceilings can lead to a huge mess, with dust raining down onto just about everything. We know the drill. But avoid the stress of a mess by attaching the bottom of a plastic cup to the drill’s base and say goodbye to dust storms.

life hacks


14. Tangled wires can be a real nightmare. Save all of that time spent tugging on wires to figure out which is which, and instead create easy plug labels out of bread bag clips.

life hacks


15. TV trays are a thing of the past. Take a note from this clever Reddit user, and turn a toilet seat into a convenient table. Please just make sure it is clean first.

tv trays


16. For any projects that involve drilling, take the item and photocopy it. Then use that photocopy as the perfect way to know exactly where to drill, instead of wasting unnecessary time and making unnecessary holes.

life hacks


17. Sometimes eating a bag of Cheetos means we have to sacrifice the use of our hands for the next few hours. The cheese dust always seems to permanently stick around. Instead, whip out a pair of chopsticks and don’t get caught orange handed.

Life hacks


18. Need to test a battery? According to Reddit users, just drop a battery lightly on a table, positive side down. If it bounces, replace the battery. If it doesn’t, the battery is good to go.

life hacks


19. We recommend that anyone who uses this life hack does it in the privacy of their own home. Who knew that a hooded sweatshirt was actually just a bowl we wear on our heads. So much unused potential!

life hacks


20. We are not going to go ahead and say that Lego predicted the future. But we will say that Lego toy hands suspiciously are the perfect size to fit around a standard iPhone cord.

life hacks


21. This life hack is for the person with too many miles to drive on the road and too many pool toys. Take a foam pool noodle, cut it in half, and enjoy this on-the-road luxury.

life hacks


22. Even phones need a little relaxation. For outlets in high places, secure a phone by wrapping the charger cord into this cozy little hammock contraption, and enjoy this smart life hack for any smartphone.

life hacks


23. Getting a bunch of cereal crumbs, or “cereal dust” can ruin an otherwise perfectly good bowl of breakfast nosh. Get the most out of the end of a cereal box by filtering the end with a colander.

life hacks


24. For anyone who has faced the challenge of having too much clean clothing and not enough clothing line, try this smart drying method for getting the most out of a small space.

life hacks


25. Closet space can become prime real estate. Don’t take up too much room with small, thin items. Instead, take some shower curtain hooks, attach them to a hanger, and free up some much needed wardrobe room.

life hacks


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